A letter from the Midnight Squad

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A letter from the Midnight Squad Empty A letter from the Midnight Squad

Post  Echo 13 on Mon Jan 16, 2012 8:52 am

Dear Liberty Force,

As you know, you gave us custody of the rage demon known as "Daemoncade" a few weeks ago. I am writing to regretfully inform you that he has been released. A team of meta-humans managed to access the base at which he was held, and proceeded to recover both him and several artifacts for their own uses. The attackers were known mercanaries- we do no know who hired them.

I am also afraid that two of your members- Sorcerette and Hexecturix- were both in the base at the time of the attack. Both, thankfully, managed to use their mediporters but they may have been injured in the attack.

We are still determining how the base was accessed- or indeed, discovered. If you have any idea how this may have occured, please contact us immediately.

Safe travels

Pent Thaneborn


((OOC Notes: The base was between dimensions and its location unknown to most midnighters. Both Hex and Sorcerette were defeated in the attack, but mediported. The mercanaries were Psianide, Wanton, and Deathelocke, if they would be recognised.))
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