A disturbing letter...

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A disturbing letter... Empty A disturbing letter...

Post  Echo 13 on Wed Jan 25, 2012 9:27 am

A letter has been delivered to the Liberty Force base, in an expensive-looking crimson envelope. Inside is a letter, with black paper and what seems to be green ink. Reading it, you swear it flickers red every now and then, but there's no indication as to why.

Dear Liberty Force, and in particular, Prince Solar.

I hope you enjoyed the performance on Monday. Don't worry- we're not done yet.

I've left you a present in Atlas Park. Warehouse number 8, 13th Street. Don't worry, it's not a trap. Although I doubt you'll take my word for it. Still, don't take too long about it.

Please let me know what you think. I'll be in touch.

yours truely, Scarlet


Should anybody investigate the address:

  • The warehouse looks normal enough from the outside, except maybe the fact there don't seem to be any gangs hanging around it.
  • There are no traps or guards whatsoever inside.
  • Entering the door, the investigators will smell blood.
  • In the main hall are scattered the bodies of 7 young heroes, all Peacebringers. All have been tortured before being killed. Closer inspection with none-human senses will reveal that the Kheldian halves have been similarily destroyed, using quite exotic methods.
  • Should there be a hero with suitable abilities, they may be able to detect that the souls of Kheldian and Human have all been ripped out in their final moments.
  • In the centre of the room is a chair with another letter on it, the same handwriting, paper and ink as the first.

Dear Prince Solar.

You're lucky enough to have the first of what will be several gifts; congratulations!

These greenhorns weren't quite ready for their job, unfortunately. They weren't exactly weak, but far to inexperienced. And like all you heroes they're all too easily baited.

After subdueing them, the rest...Well. I believe you can see the results. A few begged me to let the others go. Or even just the "halves". Quaint.

The first one to die was Sunflare over there...

The letter procedes to go into detail as to how each one of them died. It goes on for quite a while, before ending with the following:

Well then, I hope you enjoyed yourself today. This is, I hope you know, nothing personal. Afterall, it's only proper that I respond- you've inconvinienced me in the past, and I can't just let that go without response.

As I said, this is just the first. I'll be contacting Liberty Force again soon enough. I believe Aerial Assault will find his gift quite unique.

with love, Scarlet
Echo 13
Echo 13

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A disturbing letter... Empty Another letter...

Post  Echo 13 on Fri Jan 27, 2012 8:18 am

Another, similar letter has arrived for Liberty Force, this time accompanied by a newspaper clipping...

Paragon Herald, Thursday, January 26th
Attacks on the PPD are not uncommon, but this particular attack has left
detectives clueless. Without warning, at 12:16 pm the station exploded
into flames. Twelve officers have already been confirmed dead, with
several more critically injured. No distress calls were issued prior to
the bombing, and no attempts at forced entry have been found on security
The police are currently investigating the cause of the explosion, but no clues have been found so far.

Dear Liberty Force; special regards to Aerial Assault

As you might deduce due to it being attached to this letter, I was the one behind the bombing in the clipping. I thought you might appreciate it, Mr. Simmons. I heard you were quite close to the PPD.

I believe that my point has been made clear. Though most of you will not fear for yourself, it's obvious that you care for others. As such, if you cross me again, I will destroy everything you ever loved. You should understand, by now, that I am perfectly willing and able to do this.

Still, to make my point clear, there will be one more gift on it's way. After that, as long as you meddle no further in my affairs, then I will not pursue this course. The choice is yours.

Yours Sincerly

Echo 13
Echo 13

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A disturbing letter... Empty And one more

Post  Echo 13 on Sun Feb 05, 2012 8:58 am

A final letter has arrived on the metaphorical doorstep of Liberty Force. Once more a newspaper clipping is attached.


Early this morning, as people were just heading to their work desks, a
freak accident sent a military helicopter, piloted by James “Airbird”
West, smashing into the side of the White Reach office building.
Although thankfully the building was newly reinforced, three office
workers, as well as the James West, have been confirmed dead. Several
more were seriously injured.
The police have stated that they are not currently treating the accident as suspicious.

Dear Liberty Force; My regards to Captain Ravenhawk

can be said? Accidents happen. A great tradegy, and unfortunate that
the name of James West will probably be remembered as one who caused the
deaths of three- wait, no, now four- civillians.

I believe my
point has been proven. Do not interfere with my plans again. Unless
you're willing to take that risk, of course...Which would raise several

Until we meet again, I bid you all farewell.

Your's faithfully
Echo 13
Echo 13

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A disturbing letter... Empty Re: A disturbing letter...

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