Metahumans at risk! 31/08

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Metahumans at risk! 31/08 Empty Metahumans at risk! 31/08

Post  Brightwel on Thu Aug 30, 2012 9:49 pm

Heroes of all origins have been waking up mysteriously de-powered! Mutants have been stripped of their powers, magic users find their energy drained and natural fighters have had their skills and abilities sealed! Who is responsible? Find out!

Event: A four-mission long AE with powerful mobs, and more than a few elite ambushes.

Time: Friday, 31/08. Due to the length of the arc, it will be best to start early so 7:30pm at the latest!

Requirement: As mentioned above, the arc contains several EB ambushes, so at least some 50s will probably be required.

Contact @Bright with any questions!


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