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Presenting... The Forge! Empty Presenting... The Forge!

Post  oreso on Sun Mar 04, 2012 9:11 am

It lives!

The Forge, the heroic arm of the Foundry, is going to be up and running and going on a recruitment drive in about three weeks time!

Foundry wikipage:

All the heroes from the Foundry are (probably) welcome. For those, this isn't so much a change of SG as a change of SG name. The various heroic hangers-on at the Foundry will just be assigned to work with the Forge. It means a new base of operations, but the same doing good.

New recruits also welcome!

So this is gonna be a quick consultation period up until things start up in earnest:
Things to decide!

  • When the official IC stuff-happen day will be. Previously it was Tuesday, but I think that's bad for Brightwel. Friday is Liberty Force day and Sunday is Corp day, so those are out for me.
  • What foes would we like to see? I'm thinking the gangs like the Skulls, but also stuff like Malta, Humanity First (search 'em on Unionverse wiki!) and Crey.
  • I'll be using the Foundry motto, logo and title font for the Forge, unless people have another idea. (the motto is 'Building a better tomorrow')
  • We need a pledge. Everyone will be saying a pledge to uphold the law, help others and not be evil and whatever. We probably need better wording than that.
  • Ranks. Personally, I like vague ranks like: Trusted Hero, Hero and Sidekick. But more military meritous style ranks might be appropriate (Group leader = awarded to anyone who has organised a team, for example). Any ideas?

Other interesting facts which may also be discussed!

  • As Starjet headed up the Foundry's field operations department anyway, she will lead the Forge.
  • This means certain things: Joining the group will require a short ceremony in sight of other members. Saying a pledge, shaking a hand, getting a radio/keycard/decoder ring. I want being inducted to feel important.
  • The actual requirements for joining are not severe though. The character needs to be an active, licensed hero. They need to want to do good, or at least convincingly lie such.

To contrast, I see Liberty Force as an elite, dysfunctional, world-to-cosmic scale, Silver Age SG. I'm intending the Forge to be a more every-hero, well-adjusted, street-to-city scale, Heroic Age SG.

Any questions?
And please discuss! We wants your inputs! Yes, yours!


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Presenting... The Forge! Empty Re: Presenting... The Forge!

Post  Foxienne on Sun Mar 04, 2012 8:35 pm

I'm seriously considering porting Mary over there as she would fit better I think, she's not an all powerfull hero like some Liberty Force members seem to be Smile she can always help both sides out right? will also bring Mindy back for the Forge probably but I'm trying to keep my RP characters to a minimum hence I'm putting a lot of time in Mary and foxie.

I think it would be cool if we had a range of origins aswell and maybe have enemies that aren't all magic Wink

how is wednesday for Forge stuff? it's nicely in the middle of the week! I don't thiunk saturday would be good as it's a nice day to do random stuff (for me anyways, like parties!)

as for ranks, I think having a leader and maybe a few team leaders is good but I'd like to see that everyone is more or less equal, except the sidekicks off course, they are slaves :p


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Presenting... The Forge! Empty Re: Presenting... The Forge!

Post  Brightwel on Sun Mar 04, 2012 9:52 pm

Personally, I'm with Mary on Wednesday. Obviously I don't think an entire SG should base it's "day" on a single person, but Tuesdays and Saturdays I'm usually busy in the evenings with RL friends and stuff


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Presenting... The Forge! Empty Re: Presenting... The Forge!

Post  Thunderar on Sat Mar 10, 2012 1:20 am

Damn you people! Stop...making...awesome!!
Ok so I'd say that once Andrew was back in Liberty force, Cosmic would do well in the Foundry, hes not uber powerful and to be honest he hasn't exactly been the most active member of Liberty force, though that's more OOC than IC.

My thought process for Cosmic was Booster Gold, no powers, uses a power suit that fires beams of energy, in game terms? I wanted a de-buffer and it went from there.
Andrews sole objective wasn't to get Cosmic to join Liberty force, it was to help him achieve his potential, become a greater hero and do more than he could alone. Joining the Forge would help to achieve that and build better ties with the hero community.

Having said all that....the entire reason Andrew/Cosmic/Bolt went away was because of time restraints. I don't want to make a new character, I have enough, but I'm honestly not sure how active I could be, I WANT to say I'll join and see how things go, but that could mean just having him on once a week....
Its something I'll have to try and sort out I guess.
Regardless, love the idea and the idea of power levels makes sense. If I remember rightly, Wednesdays do tend to be a good day for people meeting up as well Smile

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Presenting... The Forge! Empty Re: Presenting... The Forge!

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