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Post  Transmission on Fri Mar 09, 2012 8:45 am

Originally a part of the Midnight squad, they split from them for unknown reasons in the 1920s...

Spur-of-the moment save-the-world magic-based superhero group in a pocket dimension. What's not to like?

So, here's the setup: The group is based around a small group of Wardens, powerful magical heroes from across Paragon who get called to deal with arcane threats and act as consultants for the other magic groups!
The rest of the SG will be based of contacts, novice mages and other general paranormal guys.

So far, the Wardens are...
Mganga, a shaman (@Aerial Assault)
Sullivan, a Mu magus (@Transmission)
Artemidos, a gender-swapping archer (@oreso)

And Sharkteeth (@WorkingClass) as a contact!

The stuff we need to establish is as follows...
  • How many Wardens we want in total - we need enough for them to be useful together, but not too many to make the rank meaningless! I'd say seven's a good approximation - connotations of good luck and it's got a team size for all of them plus a contact!

  • Who the remaining Wardens will be

  • The SG base

  • And a little backstory!

Now, in order to introduce the group IC'ly, I have a suggestion. Instead of it being just some wizards hanging out in an old Midnighter base, we could get someone to make a char to be the last of the previous group of Wardens. They summon the others by various means, then tell them what they have to do, then die/disappear mysteriously! Sets up a good destiny-ish tone for the group, and it makes it a little creepier.



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Post  oreso on Fri Mar 09, 2012 10:51 am

Transmission wrote:Artemidos, a gender-swapping archer (@oreso)
I hate you


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Post  Thunderar on Sat Mar 10, 2012 1:37 am

DOH!! As I said with the Forge, I seem to be finding it hard to get in game atm so I'm not sure I can contribute, I have too many chars atm and can't really make another one without sacrificing one of my mains.
My only real magical character (that's not a simple minion) is Erez'Zul, hes evil but not unreasonably so, he doesn't kill except for purpose, and magic is pretty much the only thing he believes in so if ever it were threatened, like with the Circle of Thorns acting up again, he could be counted on.
Other than that...he pretty much wants Andrew dead, that's really his main focus, until that happens he'll be nothing more than a villain, regardless of what he might become if Andrew wasn't in the picture. Unless this is some sort of Vanguard type group that would accept that?

My time restraints and Oresos gender swapping aside though...

This really reminds me of the Nighthunter's, even how they get together, not in a bad way, but so much so that I'm wondering if you might want to use their entirely abandoned base at all?
I mean I would have to ask Pious but I'm sure he'd agree, other than the name it has literally millions (over 11 in the bank and that's with a huge, already built book shop base) in prestige so that would help. I realise you'll probably say no but I felt I had to mention it, just in case.

As for the number of Wardens, it depends on how big you think the group will become, I mean say you have 7 unique players being Wardens, are you going to recruit as many as possible to be their underlings? or will it be those same players alts filling the ranks.
I'd definitely say a low number though, maybe 5? Though I will admit....7 always just sounds better as a number for leader figures, no bloody clue why Shocked

Anywho, any way I can help, always willing to. Do very much love the idea!

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Post  Echo 13 on Sat Mar 10, 2012 9:26 pm

I'd like to volunteer 'Pent' for the Wardens. Or as a contact (Midnighter Liason). Either's good for me! Very Happy

Of course, there is the wee issue of Pent being locked up in the Citadel, and 'Pent' being a shapeshifter masquerading as him...but that just makes things more fun! And also gives Scarlet an excuse to interact with them (for good or ill).
Echo 13
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Post  Laniatus on Mon Mar 12, 2012 9:31 pm

Got a few chars i might be able to contribute, as long as i can figure out how to successfully RP with them and such. Main contender (Nomos) would have to alignment chift, but he'd be easily workable into the group!

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