Investigation of "Vault of Reflection"

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Investigation of "Vault of Reflection" Empty Investigation of "Vault of Reflection"

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- Start File
- Investigation results into the arcane structure known as the "Vault of Reflection."

Following the kidnapping of Annamary by the villain "File" and his subsequent use of the Vault, an investigation was launched into specifically what it is and perhaps more importantly, exactly what it does.

From what we can piece together, including the comments made by File himself, the Vault acts as a sort of "pawn shop" for power. One with power, whether this be magical, mutant-based, etc. can sacrifice some or all of it and be gifted with a "wish" of strength equal to the power given up. This wish can take any form the wielder chooses, from a different kind of mutant ability to a pile of gold, and does not necessarily have to be decided upon immediately. Once the sacrifice has been made, the wielder can call upon some or all of the wish whenever they so desire.

As was the case with File himself, the Vault can be quite potent when combined with the "Bloodstained Seals," as the price can be negated somewhat by sacrificing the power of another instead of ones own.

The Vault is of interest to at least the Circle of Thorns, possibly other groups. However, it is guarded by powerful wards that can only be penetrated by the brining together of two magic keys, both currently in the hands of Liberty Force. It is recommended that the keys be scattered once more or put under heavy guard.

Lastly, it should be noted that all this information is currently little more than speculation at best. We do not yet know of any potential side effects in using the Vault, and everyone should be wary of using it, in case of flaw, rebounds, or any other ill consequences we do not yet know of.

- End File


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