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Post  Echo 13 on Tue Feb 14, 2012 11:52 am

Saturday, 11/2/2012
5:36 PM
Vanguard Compound, Rikti War Zone

Just go and ask them.

Athena sat on the wall of the compound, her legs hanging over the carnage below. Vanguard and Rikti fought their usual skirmishes- nothing serious, not that she would be able to help with it if it was.

You've only got yourself to blame for that.

Athena glanced over at Mara. The other Seraphian was leaning against the tower, dressed in the usual rough street clothes.

"Really? Because I thought it would be, you know, the ones who trapped me in this." She gestured to the polished black gem fused into her chest.

Except if y'weren't so bloody stubborn, I'd bet that thing'd be out already and y'wouldn't be in this bind. Mara shook her head. You could make this so much easier for everyone.

"And what makes you think that running crying back to the others would help?"

Well, crying is optional. Although I guess that might help.

"You know what I mean."

Come on. A buncha powerhouses like them? They'd break that thing in no time. S'the way things work, ain't it?

"I can handle this fine myself."

Sure you can. Just like with the Carnies, the villains, the pro-

Mara cut off as Athena rose sharply to her feet.

"What's your point, Mara?"

The rough-clothed Seraphian idly picked at the eternal bloodstain on the side of her face.

My point is like I said. You need the help. Y'can't do this alone- wouldn't be able to even if y'had your full powers. It's too strong for you.

"How can you be sure tha-"

Common sense, 'Thenes. You only kept It in check since It had been dormant so long. Now that It's woken up...There's no way you're gonna be able to leash it back in.

Athena turned away, looking over the wall and crossing her arms in front of her.

"I'm not going to drag them into this. It is my fault, and I will deal with It."

Or die trying. Some leader you are.

"I do not need to hear this. Leave me alone, Mara."

Sometimes, I wish I could.

Athena turned to retort, but she had already vanished into the shadows. She slumped down onto the concrete edge again.

"Sometimes I do too."
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Ghosts of the Past Empty Re: Ghosts of the Past

Post  Echo 13 on Sat Feb 18, 2012 11:33 am

Saturday, 11/2/2012
5:44 PM
Vanguard Compound, Rikti War Zone

It wasn't long before she felt someone else coming up behind her.

"Mara, I thought I sa-"

She cut herself off as she saw that this time, it wasn't ragged casual clothes but instead polished Vanguard armour that she was presented with. The Sergeant didn't bat an eyelid (not that it'd be noticable if she did); most veterans in the compound were used to her by now.

"Excuse me, M'am. I was told to pass this on to you."

Athena nodded, slightly embarressed, as she took the file.

"Thanks. Give Devon my regards."

She turned away, and took the report out. A quick scan was all she needed.

Always comes back to there, huh?

"Are you sti-"

Athena cut herself off again, spinning. The Sergeant was gone- in fact, the wall seemed to be completely vacated bar herself.

Ya hearing's going, 'Thenes...Not suprising, really.

"What now, Mara?"

Just want to see what you're gonna do.

"Go investigate, like I said."

And get yourself killed, like I said.

"Yes, yes. I'm not going to try fighting it. Just a bit of recon, that's all."

Recon. Despite the fact you're holding the information.

Athena was silent for a few moments, still looking around for the source of the voice.

And you know that there's Circle between you and It.

"So I can at least try to thin them o-"

You'll get captured- again. And this time nobody'd be around to help you.

She gritted her teeth.

If you do it my way, you'll be able to rig up some sorta teleporter...

"If I do it your way, will you shut up?"

Maybe, maybe not. But I'm definately not shutting up if you don't.

"Ugh...Fine. I'll pop in. Now will you at least come out?"

A faint clumph, and Mara was beside her.


"No. Now get out of here."

The other Seraphian grinned, before vanishing as Athena walked away.
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