The Darkmane Conglomeration/Shadow Group Alpha

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The Darkmane Conglomeration/Shadow Group Alpha Empty The Darkmane Conglomeration/Shadow Group Alpha

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The Darkmane Conglomeration is formed from a mish-mash of organizations with no real reason to the make-up. Many different organizations are part of the Conglomeration, ones that make and sell beauty products to companies the develop and produce prototype weapons.

The Conglomeration is headed by the shadowy Mister Darkmane, the namesake of the company. There's very little info on his appearance, other than being thin, pale and possibly supernaturally old.

The rest of the structure is made up of the various CEO's of said organizations, most of whom you could search on wikipedia and get pages of infomation.

Shadow Group Alpha

Shadow Group Alpha stands as the Conglomerations way of defending its assets. It deals with a lot of items that would be very lucrative for many criminal organizations, so it has resorted to funding and training it's own militant force.

Starting from the bottom up are the various militants one can find within Shadow Group Alpha.

At the bottom are the Operatives. Trained as good as any soldier, they are the most plentiful.
There are different branches of Operatives as well, such as EOD, Medic and Sniper.
All Operatives are equipped with well-made rifles and payload of various tactical grenades.

There are also other militants at the same level as the Operatives. They are the Fire Control Trooper, Tox Trooper and HazOps.
Fire Control Troopers are outfitted with hi-tech temperature control gloves, though they can only make things colder. They can project shards of ice to impale enemies, and protect allies by projecting ice shields onto them.
Tox Troopers use a variety of poisons to weaken and debilitate foes. These are usually used to combat the weaker variants of meta humans.
HazOps can use a variety of technology and chemicals to debilitate foes with radiation. This makes them quite potent against stronger opponents when used in force, as their repeated effects and severely weaken even the toughest meta human.

The next rank up is Agent. They're the equivalent of a specialized division of a military force. There are the usual variations of Agent, including EOD and Sniper. They come equipped with larger caliber rifles and a bigger payload of hi-tech equipment.
There are also Agent level HazOps, who have an increased capacity to weaken foes.
New militants include the Psionic Investigator, Shadow Agent and Sonic Dispersal.
Psionic Investigators are trained, mutants or otherwise enhanced agents who use their psychic powers to locate and lock down foes.
Shadow Agents are the militants deadly assassins, trained as much in infiltration as they are in fighting techniques.
Sonic Dispersal agents use a hi-tech array that allows them to manipulate sonic energy and either fire it to de-stabilize foes, or to create barriers of sonic energy.

The next and final ranks up include the Shadow Group's most potent militants.

The Heavy Support Agents sacrifices any subtlety for pure defensive power. They can hold off an entire team of metas on their own long enough for reinforcements to arrive.

HazOps use some of the most sophisticated chemical concoctions known to scientists, and can reduce to stalwart hero into a hospital patient very quickly.

Psionic Hunters are trained purely for offense. They use their great psychic capabilities to assail their foes.

Shadow Specialists are the elite of the elite. Each one was born a killer and will not hesitate when in combat. Their training not only covers infiltration and combat techniques, but also sabotage, subterfuge and espionage.

Finally, Representatives are, as the name suggests, the representatives of the Conglomeration. Most Representatives are also members of the Conglomeration, having as much business acumen as they do combat expertise. Even outside of their armour, they could kill a man where he stood with a paperclip.

The only known rank above this is the meta-human known as the Replicator. A vat-grown super soldier, his skills include advanced combat claw training and hyper-toned reflexes. In addition, his namesake comes from the fact that, should he expire, another clone of him can be created and sent back to the fight in a matter of minutes. However, two can't exist in the same place at the same time. That would be tempting fate.

Bases of operation

Most mundane items are shipped to and from Paragon City, things like cutlery, children's toys and car parts.

Munitions and cybernetics are shipped to and from the Isles.

They have at least a warehouse in every possible port in the Isles and Paragon. However, due to the often violent nature around ports, they never store anything at said warehouses.

Where they store their items is a mystery known only to the highest representatives.
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