LF defended Warburg from the Corp, 5th Feb!

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LF defended Warburg from the Corp, 5th Feb! Empty LF defended Warburg from the Corp, 5th Feb!

Post  oreso on Tue Feb 07, 2012 10:07 am

The Corp invaded Warburg to steal some nuclear material and biochemical agents to sell on the Black Market for profit! Or to blackmail people for power. Or possibly to explode things for lulz.

But their operation was stalled by those meddling do-gooders; Liberty Force! After much issuing of ultimatums and trash talking the heroes beat the criminals back twice! But alas, a coordinated strike by the Corp and hastily hired mercs seized the facility and the heroes had to withdraw, leaving them with what material remained and the promise by Jack that it wouldn't be abused.

Yessica's keen eyes prevented the villains from ambushing from the rooftops.

Brave but fragile hero, Auxiliary, was injured by the enthusiastic ninja-for-hire Shiranui, and had to mediport back to the Aquabase.

Etc! Please add more highlights below!


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