The return of Cosmic

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The return of Cosmic Empty The return of Cosmic

Post  Thunderar on Tue Feb 07, 2012 1:06 am

Somewhere within the UK - Friday 3rd February 10.04pm

All that could be heard inside room 74 of the Three tonnes hotel was the sound of snoring, very loud snoring coming from a young man aged 17.
Still fully dressed, he lay sprawled on the bed, his leg slumped over the side, a pair of goggles on his face that didn't really seem to match the rest of his outfit.
Andrew Scott, the Thunderer simply smiled at the image, leaving his sidekick, Bolt to rest, he exited the room and made his way down to the lobby where the third member of his little team was waiting.
Cosmic, a new member of Liberty force he recruited himself only recently, not long before he decided to follow the clues to a particular mystery all the way to Great Britain.

Cosmic looked up, closing his suitcase once he had made sure he'd not forgotten anything.
"Bolt alright?"
Andrew smiled, nodding as he did.
"Asleep, the late nights are catching up with him I think."
Cosmic grinned.
"Then I guess its just you to see me off, my flights in about 4 hours so....I guess this is it, for now"
He extended his hand, Andrew taking it with a nod.
"For now, we'll be back home soon, I promise. Until then, help out wherever they need it, a few of our enemies seem to be making their move back home and I think the extra fire power will come in handy."

Cosmic picked up his suitcase and bag, making his way to the entrance with Andrew, his Taxi for the airport would be there any minute now.
"So what do I tell them when I get back?"
Andrew didn't reply immediately, wondering himself how best the situation should be approached.
"....Tell them, if they ask. I'd rather explain it all myself when I get back but if they push for an answer, give them one."
Cosmic looked outside, he could see his taxi pulling up now, ready to take him to the airport, ready to take him back to Paragon.
He had one last question to ask however.
"And the witch....Violet? I mean, she should probably know more than the others if anything..."
Andrew lowered his head slightly, he agreed in a way, but knew what he had to say.

"No...if Hex finds out...she could kill them all..."
Andrew opened the door for him, and with a final parting, bid farewell to his team mate and friend, for now.
"Good luck"

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