The hero Cosmic

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The hero Cosmic

Post  Thunderar on Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:44 pm

Registered name(s): Cosmic - Real name unknown

Powers (if any):
No registered power of his own, instead he uses a special suit to generate solar energy.
The suit itself also protects his from minor attacks such as bullets, similar to Kevlar and gives him the ability to fly.
Though he is able to generate solar energy on his own, his suit does use other forms of energy to power itself, converting it into a fuel source for his attacks.

Other skills:
A pretty decent cook

Recruited by The Thunderer, Andrew Scott, he was only with Liberty force briefly until Andrew recruited him, along with his sidekick Bolt, on a thus far secret mission to the Uk.
The most difficult brand of enemies he has had to deal with so far have been common street thugs, only coming across metas alongside groups such as the Trolls.

((Handbook page: None yet and possibly ever! ))

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