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A message from Incendria Empty A message from Incendria

Post  Echo 13 on Thu Jan 26, 2012 9:02 am

((Covering for @Laniatus. Talked about this IRL, Lani doesn't have internet access, so I'm posting it up.))


The following is an email sent to the Liberty Force computer.

Hey guys, Incendria here.

I've gotten on the trail of something, I think it's pretty big. Some things called the "Bloodstained Seals". Sound important, probably are. And Scarlet's been looking into them too. Whatever they do, that's probably enough reason to get them out of her reach.

I'm going to be going overseas for a bit, think I've got a lead over in Asia. I'll probably call if I find anything.

Try not to die!



((To elaborate a bit: @Laniatus is moving house. He won't have his computer for, from estimations, another 2 months, although he might have forum access before then. That's why I've tidied up the loose ends with Incendria and Swordsmaiden. This was all discussed IRL; only reason he's not posting this is 'cause he presently can't.))
((Oh, and I'll get a forum post up about the Bloodstained Seals up soon. New Scarlet plot.))
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