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Post  Echo 13 on Tue Jan 24, 2012 7:14 pm

Scarlet grinned to herself, flicking another piece of popcorn into her mouth as she watched the floating image. Watched as her agent moved amongst the chaos, striking just when it would be most effective.

It had gone off without a hitch. When she'd commanded the construct to contact Liberty Force, she hadn't really thought they would trust her that easily. And she'd been acting so suspicious, too! Really, she couldn't understand heroes. Far too gullible.

She'd been watching the show since it had started. A gamble, letting such a powerful entity into the Liberty Force base. Usually, she wouldn't have risked it- too easy to lose it, too hard to regain it- but thankfully Darien had happily volunteered his servant. Well, perhaps not happily. A bit hard to tell, what with the skull face and all. But then again, he hadn't had anything to lose- if it went well, then his servant caused some havoc and was usable again, if not, well, only Scarlet would have expended anything in the rescue effort.

And even then, it had only been money. And money was easy enough to come by.

It worked fine all the same. The break out had gone smoothly, the base had taken damage, and now Liberty Force had taken a severe- possibly fatal, in the case of a couple of them- beating. It would have been better if Daemoncade had actually reached the generator, but this would do just fine.

She watched as the screen blurred and vanished, as the construct made her exit. A pity to lose her inside man, but discovery would have been inevitable, sooner or later. Better to play her hand now rather than wait until it was useless.

Overall…yes, a success.

Now then…

A couple of gestures, and another image appeared in the air- King’s Row police station.

Time for the next game.

Scarlet grinned. This would be fun.
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