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Registered name(s):
Lady Babel. Known to certain members and allies as Donna. Originally introduced as 'Donna of Thermopylae'

Powers (if any):
Psionic power:
Mind reading, control, telepathy, astral projection, able to scan a small area for brain patterns, able to understand all Primal Earth languages

'Gift of Greek Fire':
Able to psionically protect others from excessive damage and to render foes weak through exhaustion. Also able to relieve fatigue from an individual (effectively 'healing' them, although not their wounds) and revive individuals psionically

Minor magical abilitiy:
Has a vague understanding of magic power and ways to harness it, owing to her ability to absorb information quickly. Has also worked with Montague Castanella of the Midnight Squad and has access to some of its libraries.

Other skills:
Receiving training in hand-to-hand and staff/throwing knife combat as a self-defence measure


Babel was suffering from an 'infection' which threatened her cellular structure until quite recently; as a result of a second encounter with the villain Pseudonym, an innocent's soul was offered without Donna or Liberty Force's consent and the infection has gradually disappeared.

To cope with the infection, a Dimensional Grounding Ray was modified and adapted into a wrist-mounted device by Crash' and Prince Solar.

Megan successfully located an item called the Ambient Accumulator Lens and Babel has begun work on a project to design a battlesuit that incorporates the magical artefact.

Recently, Prince Solar and Babel traveled to a distant planetoid to dissuade Bombardment's alter-ego, 134, from taking over Monica completely and wreaking havoc. Donna and Monica have begun 'counselling' sessions to reaffirm Monica's personality.

((Handbook page: - not yet created ))

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