An old evil returned

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An old evil returned Empty An old evil returned

Post  Aerial Assault on Mon Jan 16, 2012 9:02 am

Deep in a place built upon the murder of innocents, a dark master and his fiery fel minion cast a potent spell ..

"Steady Felsmith, one slip ..

"I understand master, the Daemoncade is very strong"!

"Then be stronger!"

The two held onto black chains encrusted with runes. The chains sank into a purple and red portal, through which a small scene was acting out.

Three mercenaries were fighting against the spirit of the Daemoncade itself. With each strike, the Daemoncade's strength wavered slightly, and the spell drew ever closer to its climax.

"The Daemoncade is weakening, minions, to your positions!

A swarm of silver-clad demons flanked the portal, two on each side carrying chains, the others with their weapons ready.

Finally, the mercenaries struck the final blow and the Daemoncade was at its weakest.


The two tugged on the chains with all their might. The fiery fel minion straining greatly, his armour bulged and groaned under the pressure.

Slowly but surely, the spirit of the Daemoncade was pulled through the portal.

It let out a harrowing and powerful birth cry, several of the lesser demons simply expiring from the intense psychic assault, dropping to the floor and writhing in agony. Yet more minions stood up and took hold of the chains, and threw them around the Daemoncade.

The Daemoncade thrashed in it's holdings, swiping at the lesser minions as they scurried to tie up the raging spirit. Many of them had their heads claws into pieces, whilst others simply evaporated in the flaming hatred of the Daemoncade.


With the chains in position, the entire ensemble tugged at the chains, constricting the Daemoncade's movement. The mighty spirit repelled against its bindings, lashing out with intense psionic attacks and molten hatred.

The dark lord channeled purple/red energy down his length of chain, bombarding the spirit with binding energy.

The spirit howled in anger, but it's raging fire was being dwindled by the constant assault, eventually being drained of its ability to fight back.

With the binding complete, the demons of Dread wrapped the chains around specially placed columns. The dark lord approached his pet.

"You thought you'd stay away from me forever? You thought wrong."

The spirit snarled and matched his oppressor's gaze


Darien leaned back and nodded.

"Oh of course. But that means little to one who is timeless."

He looked over to the Felsmith

Prepare the armour and weapons

The Felsmith nodded and bowed deeply

"It will be done, my lord."

Darien turned back to his subdued pet

"I think you will like your new confines."

The Daemoncade made a bestial bark sound, and magma frothed at his mouth.


Darien smirked.

"That's what I like to hear. Be as subservient as the Felsmith, and maybe i'll let you have a bit of autonomy. A bit." He let out a short chuckle "Your target is the Liberty Force base. Scarlet can get you in, I can get you out."

The Daemoncade let out three short bellowing laughs.


Darien delivered a back-handed slap to the Daemoncade, who flinched slightly.

"You have her to thank that you are here now"

The Daemoncade remained silent for a few moments. Were it not for the gentle crackle of embers, one could hear a pin drop.


Darien grinned and patted the Daemoncade on the head.

"That's what I like to hear. The slaughter will commence soon ..."
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