Loyalist Network Meeting - Weds 11th

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Loyalist Network Meeting - Weds 11th Empty Loyalist Network Meeting - Weds 11th

Post  Chaos Bunny on Mon Jan 09, 2012 7:09 pm

"Primal Earth is a waste. Despite the world's rich resources and capable protectors, social disorder is rampant. Emperor Cole wants to change that and it is up to his Loyal agents from the Powers Division to infiltrate Primal Earth and subvert it to the Emperor's vision.

If you're a Praetorian active on Primal Earth, if you're competent, and above all, if you're Loyal to the cause, then you're already a member of the Loyalist Network. Perhaps Chimera or Emperor Cole himself has already instilled in you the importance of your work on Primal Earth. But even if they haven't, your name will be on a list somewhere so don't be surprised if a fellow Loyalist suddenly contacts you and needs your help."

Active member of the Network, Pinup Girl, has been working as an active hero on Primal Earth for approaching 3 years and seems to have become a trusted member of the heroic community. She has recently gotten in touch with other members of the network to arrange a meetup to discuss some ongoing plans and how they can benefit one another.

Where: Tiberian Bluff, Imperial City
When: Wednesday 11th Jan, 7PM
Who: Loyalists active on Primal Earth, or those who plan to become active there soon.

Further Notes

This is just a start of getting more Loyalist shenanigans up and going. Hopefully there'll be more shady meetups at later dates so if you can't make this meeting there's more to come! I'm also hoping to get an updated list of Loyalists so characters can have a greater awareness of who's on their side (or at least mostly on their side) despite the fronts they're using.

Some of the Network:

- Double Edged (@Pearsh)
- La Belle Rouge (@Q.)
- Lucius Macbain (@oreso)
- Pinup Girl (@Chaos Bunny)
- you? just leave a reply!

Also, remember there's a Praetorian/Primal counterpart thread if you don't have a Loyalist yet and would like inspiration!
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