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Post  Thunderar on Sun Jan 08, 2012 4:57 am

To put it simply, I've been playing a LOT of SWTOR.
Its a really awesome MMO, few bugs and none so far that have stopped me playing any real part of the game, excellent powers, story and characters.
This and the fact that my new hours at my job role meant I was only on a day or so a week means I haven't been on Cox for a few weeks now, not to mention that in my new job role, Christmas is the busiest time of the year and my only two workmates were absent, one being on his honeymoon and the other had her appendix burst...fun...

My friends are playing SWTOR too so literally any time I want to play it they are available to play it along side me, its also really great to be a part of an MMO from the beginning, something I tried to do with Champions but I didn't really like that game, despite all the brilliant things they did with it, like your Nemesis or taking any power you wanted, in theory, GREAT! but i just couldn't get into it...

Anyway rambling, my point is I'm going to have Andrew (and Bolt) stay in England for a while following some leads on a new enemy group I wanted to introduce, but again, didnt seem to have the time.

I hope to be back in game soon, probably a few weeks though if I'm being realistic. If anyone wants to get a hold of me I will be looking at this forum near enough every day to check on it and Im keeping my sub for cox regardless.

Anywho, hope everyone's well and see you when I return =)

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