Hard Drive require plundering!

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Hard Drive require plundering! Empty Hard Drive require plundering!

Post  Aerial Assault on Wed Dec 28, 2011 9:12 am

A notice to any Liberty Force members skilled in the ways of technology and/or datamining, I recovered the hard drive from the False Man through negotiations, and the contents need to be plundered as soon as possible. We need to operate under the possibility that it can be remotely de-activated.

(When successfully plundered, the hard drive contains the following:

A web of command, with a big central figure surrounded by 9 smaller figures, who are in turn surrounded by smaller figures. Unforunatley, they're all named False Man, but some have co-ordinates attached to their location. The higher-ups have no co-ordinates.

The location of a large meeting within the Rikti Warzone, but the identity of those involved has been wiped clean by a program.

Timetables for various classes in Talos Island and Brickstown

Various cybernetics shipments

And lots of other miscellaneous things. Send me a tell if you'd like something specific. Bare in mind, the hard drive suffered a partial wipe.)
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