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Trade Off! Empty Trade Off!

Post  Brightwel on Mon Dec 12, 2011 10:07 am

Description: 134's allies have taken drastic measures to try and retrieve their leader and are holding 40 people hostage who they will kill if their demands are not met! What's worse, the exchange location may also be the attended by known villains! Lady Babel has a plan, but it isn't without it's risk...

Details: An AE arc where heroes, and possibly villains, will meet in order to make their respective trades. The kidnappers have demanded that there be no violence, or both sides may suffer, though whether there is is up to you.

Level: None.

Location: Likely the RWZ AE so both heroes and villains can join in.

Time & Date: Planned for Sunday, 18th December, though this may change depending on availability of some key players Some other time when moar people are about! Dates can just be fudged. Will start probably at about 7 or 8 British time, with pre and post RP also no doubt taking place.

Contact: @Brightwel


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