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Post  Brightwel on Mon Dec 12, 2011 6:43 am

*A small package with no return address containing a letter, a set of coordinates and a recently amputated human finger*

Attention Liberty Force.

We are currently holding 40 Paragon citizens hostage. We would like to exchange their lives and freedom for our leader, 134. We do not approve of this move, but our hands have been forced.

Each of the hostages has been injected with a special toxin. Once activated, this toxin will kill them in less than 5 seconds. The toxin can be remotely activated by us, or will do so automatically after several days if the cure is not administered.

You have up until Sunday, 18th December to bring 134 to an abandoned underground storage facility a mile outside of Paragon City. Its coordinates have been included in this package. 6 of the hostages will be there along with a computer. Once 134 is secured by us, documentation regarding the location of the other hostages and the cure for the toxin will be automatically unlocked on the computer and you may take it.

Several known villains may also be present at the facility. Any violence against them or their cargo will result in the toxin being activated, and the hostage's death.

We will be monitoring the facility and you should not need told that any foolish moves will also result in the termination of the hostages.



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