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Whodunit- "Fanfic" Competition Empty Whodunit- "Fanfic" Competition

Post  Echo 13 on Sat Dec 10, 2011 10:04 am

As you know, last month I organised a shipping contest using a random pairing generator. Much lulz and brain rape ensued.

So let's do it again!

Except this time, the heroes will MURDER EACH OTHER.

Yes, this time, the heroes are all going psycho, crazy, yandere, or in some of the villain's cases, just being themselves. Possible murder methods range from buzzsaws to incineration to rubber ducks. Possible locations include the base, the ilses, and even Ouroubourous! So get ready for another round of character derailment- it's fanfic time!

The same random selection rules as last time apply!

Contact @Echo 13 for your rolls!

Restrictions: Gore and over the top violence is encouraged. Heck, anything is, especialy in..some results. However! Please warn beforehand if the content is particularily violent/mature/whatever!

Entries should be at least 500 words long!

Deadline will be the 20th of December! That's Wednesday, 20th of December! (Unless I change my mind again.)

Signed up so far (and given rolls): Tyrannical, Aerial Assault, Laniatus, Venomary, Brightwel, Transmission

Most Creepy, Most Funny, and Best Fic are up for grabs :O

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Whodunit- "Fanfic" Competition Empty I'll be honest, not much to write with Incendria vs False Man, being enemies and all BUT, here we go.

Post  Aerial Assault on Sat Dec 10, 2011 10:32 am

"Trimming the hedges. Really. REALLY? What next?"

Incendria moved through the base at a sluggish pace, carrying a small chainsaw, used for cutting and trimming hedges.

She much resented this. I mean, -trimming hedges- .. isn't that what they have robots for? It confounded and annoyed her in equal measure. She cursed and sputtered silently to herself.

"Ugh, I need a drink, maybe a lie down .." She wondered aloud to herself.

She gradually made her way to the Living Area, ready to have a short nap and a drink, when something caught her ear ..

Someone rummaging. Through cupboards, full of glass. Living Area.

But this wasn't right. She was supposed to be the only person in the base. It could only mean one thing.

An Intruder.


She sighed lightly, and made her way into the Living Area, being rather unsubtle. Once she cleared the stairs, she crept silently up to the wall and peered around the corner.

Crouched down in the bar was a figure in red clothing: A red hood, jacket and some sort of lame skirt.

Great, the or A False Man. How did he get here? Oh who cares. She wondered all this to herself, making sure to not actually say it out loud.

Crouching down, she tip-toed around the corner, up to the False Man currently plundering whatever he might find in cupboards full of beverages.

As she crept close, she readied the small chainsaw in her hand. When she was finally within reach, she stood up and activated the chainsaw. The False Man looked over his shoulder ...

"Surprise, creep."

She plunged the whirring chainsaw deep into the False Man's face before he could react, the impact sound was that of a chainsaw being run across metal. Oil and mechanical fluid sprayed profusely from the False Man's face.

The False Man stood up, clutching his face and screeching in something along the lines of binary, their words distorted, presumably from the chainsaw-to-face interaction.

Incendria wasted no time, and rammed the chainsaw straight into the False Man's gut. The False Man jerked and spasmed, impaled on the chainsaw, shards of metal and gouts of oil flying this way and that. She was covered in an inordinate amount of oil, but a grin was clearly spread across her face.

She withdrew the oil-caked chainsaw and allowed the False Man a moment of agonizing pain, the wrecked creature desperately trying to keep its insides from flooding out, rather poorly.

"Game's over" She chuckled, and swung the chainsaw in a finishing blow, taking the False Man's head off and sending it sailing onto a nearby chair, landing with a wet 'thunk'. The body collapsed forwards, Incendria taking a step back and admiring her handiwork ...

"Good god it's everywhere ..." She remarked, viewing the ludicrous amount of oil spattered across the bar, and from a growing puddle of oil from the deceased corpse.

"Great, MORE cleaning ..."

It would take her at least an hour and a quarter to clean up the oil entirely, leaving just the body ...

Moments later, the corpse was tossed out of the airlock ..

She dusted her hands off and smiled "Good work girl, smashing job." She inspected the now battered chainsaw. Damn, waste of good DIY equipment.

She tossed the chainsaw in the garbage and strutted away.
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Whodunit- "Fanfic" Competition Empty Re: Whodunit- "Fanfic" Competition

Post  Brightwel on Sat Dec 10, 2011 12:22 pm

((Warning! This fic contains scenes which some viewers may find disturbing! Seriously, read on at your own peril!))

She hated her. Despised her. Loathed her with all her being.


Even the warm waters of her bubble-bath could not calm Megan's fury in the slightest. She stared at the portable screen in her hands and almost spat on it. Displayed was an image of another woman, doodling carefree on top of the Liberty Force's generator. How could anyone possibly see her as the leader? There wasn't even supposed to be a leader! The very thought that this thing could be regarded as such infuriated Megan. She never showed it of course, the two were often seen as good friends even. But she would have to do something, oh, yes she would...but what?

"Kill her...Quack!" Megan looked to where the voice had come from. A rubber duckie floated and bobbed in the water beside her. "Kill her! Quack!" it repeated.

"I can't kill her, silly. Think of all the fuss it would cause. And she has a habit of not staying dead anyway." She was a little surprised she was talking to a rubber duck. But it certainly wasn't the craziest thing she had seen in her lifetime either.

"Trust me! Quack! Kill her! Kill her now! Quack!"

"...You truly believe I can kill her?"

"Yes! Then you can be the leader! A sensible, rightful leader! Not like her! Quack! Trust me! Trust in Duckie! Quack!" Of course. It all made sense. She could kill Athena. It would be so easy! She had Duckie helping her! Nothing could stop Megan and Duckie!

"Heh Heh heh. Heeeeheeeeheeeee!" Megan giggled and splashed in her bath. Of course! She would just kill her! She looked back at the screen with a devilish grin. Athena was going to die. And then the Liberty Force would be hers. Yes, yes, all hers! And she would lead it so well! Nothing would go wrong! Ever! Everything would just be fine! They would save the world! Again and again and again! And again!

"C'mon, Duckie. We have work to do, don't we...? Yes, yes we do..." Megan's eyes twitched as she picked up the rubber duck from the water, violently threw the portable screen against the wall causing it to smash and picking herself out of her bath.





"...What....? Megan...?" She jumped down to the generator room floor and looked around.


"WOAH! Megan, please...don't leap out at me like that. Ever. Especially if you're naked." The leader of the Liberty Force frowned at her stark naked and still wet friend. "You aren't coming on to me are you? Because this is probably the worst way you could."

"No, no, no! Duckie has some things to say, don't you Duckie?" Athena's frown only increased as her friend brought the rubber duck she was carrying closer to her face so she could whisper something to it. Athena sighed. The whole possession thing was really becoming old. Not as old as herself of course, but that was neither here nor there.

"Alright, Megan. Come along now. We'll see if we can get Hex or Babel to fix you u-ARGH!" Without warning and with speed Athena had never attributed to Megan, her apparently-possessed friend leapt forward and stuffed the rubber duck into Athena's mouth. The impact had sent the two women to the floor where both wrestled with each other, Megan trying to keep the intrusive bath toy lodged in Athena's mouth and her nose pinched shut while Athena herself tried desperately to do the opposite. Normally such a situation wouldn't bother the immortal Iron Vanguard much, as absurd as it was. But something was amiss. Her senses weren't just assaulted by the scent and taste of the duck, there was something else. Something indescribably evil about the toy, An evil that Athena could sense had wrapped itself around Megan. An evil that was choking her the undying leader of Liberty Force, bringing her closer to death. Permanently.

"Duckie! Duckie! Duckie! How you like Duckie you stuck up bitch!? You stole that responsibility from me, you know! I should have been made leader! Me! Not you, you immortal freak! But not any more! You can survive being stabbed and shot and burned! But you can't survive Duckie! No, no one can survive Duckie! He's best friends with Null, you know!? Duckie! Duckie! Heeeheeehahahaha!" Megan was crying. It was hard to tell why exactly, but tears streamed down her face as she laughed and wailed madly.

"Mhghn! Hthp! Hhhp!" Athena was truly desperate now. Her brain screamed for oxygen, but no matter how hard she spat or tugged at Megan's arm, she could not remove the duck or her one time friend's grip that was keeping it in place and holding her nose shut. Seconds passed, and with each one Athena was drawn deeper and deeper into the blackness

"Duckie...! Duckie.......! Duckie............" Megan stopped, exhausted. Athena did not move. At all. "...I did it...?"

"Yes! Quack! You did it! Well done!"

"Can I...Can I be the leader now...?"

"Soon, yes! Quack! There is only one problem! Quack! Look!" Even if his lower half wasn't still stuffed in Athena's mouth, Duckie could not and did not point to what he was referring to. But he didn't have to.

"...M-m-megan...w-what...what...? Athena..." Ever so slowly, Megan raised her head and looked to the generator room entrance. She grabbed Duckie and dislodged him from the cold, dead corpse as she rose to her feet and made her way to leave the generator room, silent except for the gentle hum of power.

"Hiii~~ Mary...Would you like to say hello to Duckie? He want to say hello to you..."


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Whodunit- "Fanfic" Competition Empty Re: Whodunit- "Fanfic" Competition

Post  Tyrannical on Sun Dec 11, 2011 12:36 am

There had been a strange incident in the sun's orbit, Sol, kheldian peacebringer, had gotten into a sticky situation as something happened to him which was thought impossible, he sneezed in space, naturally his reaction would of been to dismiss a humble sneeze but a part of his mind bugged him into seeking medical advice.

Sol proceeded to the Liberty Force medlab in hopes of anyone who could tell him what this strange illness was, each of the medical staff were baffled to find that Sol didnt have any disease known to earth, but of course! Known to earth!

"Kate, would you mind coming down to the medlab? I'm in need of some outside expertise"

Sol sat on the bed and awaited Kate, he sneezed raw quantum energy on the floor and wiped his nose with his cape, Kate entered a while later with a smile, wondering what her purpose was in the medlabs.

"Hello Sol, is there something you needed me for?"

"Why yes Kate! How much do you know about interstellar illnesses? I'm afraid that my time in the sun's glow has allowed my to contract something ghastly!"

Sol smile brightly before coughing up photons, his face becoming pale and his expression dropping, Kate gasped and hastened to find what was wrong with Sol

"Oh my, Sol! I think I know just what this is, you seem to have contracted deep space warp sickness!"

Sol raised a brow and struggled a smile, it ultimately collapsing as he coughed more, his kheldian energies slowly seeping from his nose, he lay back against the bed and ran his hand down his face and sighed, looking to Kate with pleading eyes so that he could confide in her

"Is there anything you can do to help?"

Kate quickly nodded, her idea was a little absurd at the most but if it worked Sol would be healed and she could look like a hero! She looked at her star chart of the galaxy and hastened to find what she needed, in the mean time Sol's paled expression became slightly blue, his eyes seeming to emit a kheldian glow and he held his head in pain, he breathed quickly and in a panicky voice he uttered

"Please Kate, do what you can, I'd rather not have the illness spread to those more susceptible than I!"

Kate nodded and held onto Sol's hand and patted it and started to tell him the plan

"I'm going to teleport you to the nearest white dwarf star, hopefully it's glow will emit the correct amoutnt of cosmic energy to jog your healing abilities, I'll monitor you from down here and return you when you've recovered, the process wont take long, but I ask that you try not to do anything while you are up there, okay?"

Sol smiled and nodded, his hand gripping onto Kate's tightly

"I'm ready"

Kate nodded and prepared to teleport him, triangulating the co-ordinates of that star and beginning to move Sol, but at an unfortunate moment, Sol sneezed, the influx of raw photonic energy into the teleport's warp caused it to shift and hum with energy, it grew bigger as Sol was trapped in it and eventually, with a burst of might, ultimately imploded, with Sol along with it...

Kate gasped and looked stunned, the sight of her friend Sol collapsing into himself and into nothing but a cloud of leftover kheldian energy caused her to panic and fear, she started worrying not only about what had just happened, but what would happen to her if anyone found out, she stopped to think with an expression of intense worry across her face and came to a logical conclusion, she bottled whatever was left of Sol and sent it to the sun's orbit, where hopefully nobody could find him. Kate let out a relieved sigh and hastened to erase any recording of what happened at the med lab.

"Good, good! now nobody will find out what happened here, I'll be safe, no cell for me!"

Kate grinned and left the medlab, setting up a forged message from Sol saying "Hello Liberty Force, I'm going on holiday for a while, I've discovered this lovely new star forming in the horse-head nebula and I think it would be just swell if I went to watch it, I should be back soon, though don't wait up for me if I'm gone too long! Take Care! - Sol"

Kate gave a satisfied nod and left it at that, humming as she nonchalantly walked through the aquabase and back to the tech lab, where she would hope she could relax and put this strange incident behind her.

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Whodunit- "Fanfic" Competition Empty I think I went overboard. Oh well. It didn't turn out as messy as I thought it would...

Post  Echo 13 on Sun Dec 11, 2011 8:32 am

Hex yawned.
She rubbed her eyes and looked up from the tome, wondering just how long she’d been reading. A glance at the clock told her it was past 1 in the morning. She turned to ask Yessica if she wanted to pick it up again in the morning, only to see that she was lying face down on the table, fast asleep, her book lying open underneath her.
Everyone else had long deserted the base or else gone to bed, and one look at the book pile told her that there was no way she was going to be carrying all of those back to the library alone. To be honest, even getting to the base portal seemed a bit much.
She yawned again, and decided that for tonight at least, she could just use one of the beds. She gingerly pushed herself up from the chair, taking care not to scrape it too much, and staggered over to Yessica. Hex gave her a little nudge to wake her.
“C’mon...I think room four is free.”
Yessica just gave a little groan in response, before lifting herself out of her seat, knocking the book off in the process. Together, they shambled over to the room- Yessica pretty much immediately collapsed on the bed. Hex decided that she could at least manage to clean up a bit before joining her, as tempting as it was to skip it.
It only took a couple of minutes in reality, but to Hex it felt like it was hours before she slumped onto the bed. A faint tingling almost panicked her, before recognising the familiar feeling of a warding circle. She almost laughed. Scared by her own defences.
She closed her eyes, but just as sleep was reaching out for her, a thought nagged at her.
She hadn’t set any wards in the room.
Hex’s eyes flew open- a second before she felt a gloved, clawed hand wrap around her throat. She instinctively grabbed at it, blind to her attacker, but the two glowing green slits in the darkness over her told her all she needed to know.
“Hello, Violet.”
All of Hex’s tiredness left her as adrenaline rushed through her veins and fear filled her heart. She tried to scream, but Scarlet’s grip was inhumanly strong- she couldn’t even get out a whisper. She kicked at arch villain’s stomach, but her foot was deflected by an invisible force. Despair and desperation filled her. She pulled up her magical force and tried to lash out with dark fire- or would have, if she had not been so abruptly counter spelled.
Scarlet laughed. It was the type of laugh which made your hairs stand on end- a laugh which spoke of pure, undiluted insanity.
“Now, now. That’s not very nice, is it?”
And suddenly Hex was flying, weightless- for all of one second. With a crack, she smashed into the wall, pain lancing through her back as she crumpled to the floor. She gasped for air, not even able to get out a scream. Her vision pulsed in and out, as she tried not to black out. The two green slits shifted, coming closer. There was a click of a blade leaving its scabbard, and the glowing red runes of Scarlet’s ritual knife threw crimson light over the two witches. Scarlet’s mouth was twisted in a cruel grin.
Hex gasped for air. “How…the fuck…did you…get in here…?”
Scarlet laughed again. That horrible laugh.
“It’s easier than you’d think. Now, get up… There’s no fun if you just die without a fight.”
Hex pushed herself to her feet, eyeing the door. Surely someone must have heard her by now? She just had to hold out for a bit, then Athena, or Konrad , or Megan- one of them would come save her. But…shouldn’t they be here by now? Her heart sank as her magical senses confirmed what she already knew. Scarlet chuckled.
“Oh, yes. It’s a ritual I found- Silence. It’s pretty well named. Nobody’s coming to save you, hero.” Scarlet giggled. “Now, are you going to fight…Or do you need more encouragement?”
Hex watched in horror as the red runes swung around- hovering right over the now-visible Yessica.
“Leave her alone! She hasn’t done…” Hex stopped as she realised the futility of her protests.
“…Anything? Your point?” Scarlet laughed again. That horrible laugh. “She’s never going to do anything again, unless you start being interesting.” The runes dropped again, centimetres away from Yessica’s throat.
Hex didn’t think. She threw her most powerful blast of dark energy at Scarlet, not even trying for anything subtle. She threw several bolts, trying to overwhelm her defences. Some were intercepted in mid-air by Scarlet’s own hellfire bolts, which some were simply absorbed by her wards. The returning spells almost ended the duel immediately- Hex was forced to throw energy into holding them off.
It didn’t matter what she used. Fire, void energy, tentacles- Scarlet somehow countered all of it, while all the while her defences weakened. Soon Hex had completely lost sight of Scarlet, unable to do anything but blindly hurl spells in return towards Scarlet’s barrage. The arch villain was using more magical energy than Hex thought was possible to have.
She was out of options. Gathering the last remnants of her strength, Hex unleashed every ounce of it in a dark star of black energy, directing all of it at Scarlet. Darkness tore across the room in an unstoppable torrent…
…And impacted into the wall. Hex blinked, as an awful numbness spread across her chest. She heard a laugh- that horrible laugh- as she looked down, seeing the glowing red runes of the ritual knife poking out of her chest. A clawed hand rested on her shoulder, and she felt as much as heard Scarlet whispering in her ear.
“Rule number one of a magic duel, hero…You always watch where your opponent is. Nice try, though. You’re definitely powerful enough.”
Hex slumped forward onto the ground, not alive long enough to even comprehend what was happening as her soul was torn apart from her body.

Scarlet flicked the rune blade clean. The witch had proven an interesting diversion, that was for sure.
She took the now quite full soul gem out of her pocket. The ones she had claimed during testing had proven quite sufficient for her purposes. And the most powerful among those had just been that mutant girl, not even a mage. She was excited to test just what she could do with the witch’s soul.
Now just left the clean-up. She filled up the rest of the soul gem with the excess power from the room, before lifting and placing the corpse on the bed, making sure to make it look like she had died in a struggle. The catgirl didn’t even stir. It would appear that even a simple charm such as Sleep could come in useful. Almost as an afterthought, she placed her spare, rune-less dagger into Yessica’s hand. After wiping it in the witch’s blood, of course.
Satisfied, Scarlet ended her spells and walked off, soul gem in hand. As she reached her exit, she heard a scream behind her. She laughed.
That horrible laugh.
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Whodunit- "Fanfic" Competition Empty Re: Whodunit- "Fanfic" Competition

Post  Echo 13 on Fri Dec 30, 2011 10:03 am

There are too few replies to really do decisive rewards :<

So instead I'm just going to say, Brightwel wins.

You all know why. And I know you all agree.
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Whodunit- "Fanfic" Competition Empty Re: Whodunit- "Fanfic" Competition

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