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Post  Thunderar on Sat Dec 03, 2011 7:59 pm

Friday night and the sound of gunfire could be heard coming from a warehouse in Atlas.
Inside the warehouse, 5 Hellion members kept up a continuous hail of bullets, aimed at a stack of crates, or rather, a man behind the crates.
He was dressed in a shiny blue power suit, his chest wore a gold shield with a blue star in the middle and a gold star on his belt. A golden visor hid most of his face, to keep his identity safe.

The man was waiting for his moment, counting the seconds, he heard the sound of a gun reloading, quickly moving out from behind the crate, he aimed a hand at one of the Hellions, firing a golden beam at him, hitting him square in the chest and sending him flying to the ground, knocked unconscious by the impact.
As the other Hellions regained their focus, he darted to the left, crouching down behind some more crates as the gunfire continued.

"Nice shot!"
The man spun round to see someone else with him, a rather tall man in a long brown coat and spiky brown hair, he seemed to be quite smartly dressed with his shirt and tie if not for the trainers he wore.
He raised his arm, facing his palm at the man as his hand began to glow, ready to fire another beam.
The tall man produced a file from his jacket, reading from its contents as if he wasn't just about to be fired at with an energy beam.
"Your names Cosmic, says here you use Solar energy to power your suit, how very green of you"
The tall man looked up from the file, grinning at Cosmic before going back to reading.
"Ah, but you also focus it into an energy beam, ok...flight, extreme durability, limited super strength and all comes from the suit apparently, so you're not a meta human then?"

Although the Hellions were still firing at them, although this man came out of nowhere with a lot of information about him, he just didn't see him as a threat right now, though he couldn't quite figure out why.
He lowered his hand, quickly peering around the corner and firing another beam of solar energy at the Hellions feet, just to keep them at bay for now.
"I', I'm not, its the suit...who are you?"
He looked back at the tall man with a mixture of anger and curiosity on his face.
The tall man smiled and nodded. "You're right, I should introduce myself..."
He dropped the file on the floor, electricity swarming around his hands as he jumped out from behind the crate, firing two arcs of lightning at the Hellions, hitting two of them so hard they flew through the air, knocking them out instantly.

The tall man looked back at Cosmic, smiling a little at the surprised expression on his face.
"I'm the Thunderer"
Cosmic looked back at the Thunderer, he had heard all about him.
The Thunderer walked forward, his eyes glowing a bright red as he looked between the two remaining Hellions, they had either heard of him before as well or perhaps didn't like the idea of facing two meta humans, choosing to put their guns down on the ground, raising their hands in surrender.

Within 20 minutes, the PPD had taken the Hellions away, having being called before when some passerby's heard all the gunfire.
The Thunderer, Andrew Scott, sat down next to Cosmic, both having flown high up, to the top of a large building after speaking to the PPD, appreciating the view of Atlas it offered.
After a few minutes, Cosmic's curiosity gave in, he needed to know why the Thunderer was here.
" you carry files on everyone in that coat of yours or..."
Andrew smiled widely, keeping his eyes on the city below.
"No...I was looking for you, specifically."
Cosmic raised an eyebrow.
"You were looking for me? Why? Couldn't you have left a note? And where did you get that file on me?"

Andrew raised a hand before he could go further, he knew Cosmic would have a lot of questions but he didn't want him becoming agitated over the subject.
"The FBSA, we have two of their operatives with us so all I really have to do is remind them of that and they'll pretty much give us anything..."
Cosmic looked on as a weird smile formed on Andrews face, he was obviously thinking about something specific but he couldn't tell what.
"You're a hero who keeps his identity secret, that makes you hard to contact, and of course you have no affiliations with any team....which brings me to why I'm here of course. I want to offer you membership into Liberty Force."
Andrew looked directly at him, he could tell he was being serious.
"Me? Why? I'm not...powerful said it yourself, I'm not even a meta.."

Andrew smiled warmly, placing a hand on Cosmic's shoulder.
"No...but you are a hero, and that's what matters. I've watched you for a while now, you have incredible potential, and I want to take that further, you can go further within Liberty Force than you can on your own, you're ready for this, I'm sure of it."
Cosmic stayed silent for a few moments, he had heard about the Liberty Force members, their various exploits, some from the paper, some from rumors, all of it a lot more involved than just taking down street thugs.

After another few minutes of silence he smiled, turning to Andrew, who had gone back to looking at the view.
"Ok...I'll do it, I'll join."
Andrew smiled, as if he already knew the answer.
"Then we'll talk more tomorrow and I'll show you around the Aquabase"
With that he leaned forward, pushing himself off the buildings ledge, falling straight down for a second or two before pulling up, flying high over the city.
Cosmic smiled at the sight before a thought came into his head, how would he contact him?
Looking down at the spot where he sat, he noticed a small earpiece left behind, a gold and white shield logo on the side, the symbol of Liberty Force.
He placed it in his ear, a voice sounding out.
"Identity confirmed: Cosmic, Member of Liberty Force"
He smiled, it was all he could do as he looked over the city, appreciating the view once more.

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