The meeting that never took place ...

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The meeting that never took place ... Empty The meeting that never took place ...

Post  Aerial Assault on Mon Nov 14, 2011 9:59 am

... by the machines masquerading as men ..

The Conclave was called, the roster formed, the meeting arranged. The ten few but of many convened to discuss the attack on their heart.

Then ten few but of many gathered around the simple stone table. All of similar appearance but different in their ways took their seats.


One stood up, clad in a short red robe, not unlike a holy man's or monks, only shorter "The one who does not exist."

One stood up, clad in metal armour, not unlike a knight's armour "The one who defends the lies"

One stood up, clad in a red and black jumpsuit "The one who finds the truthful ones"

One stood up, clad in something reminiscent of a witch hunter's outfit "The one who ends the lies of truth"

One stood up, clad in an ceremonial black gown "The one who speaks the truthful lies"

One stood up, clad in a bulky suit of kevlar "The one who harnesses the lies"

One stood up, clad in a magnificent red robe and mantle piece "The one who preaches the lies"

One stood up, clad in a bulky suit of power armour "The one who provides for the truthful liars"

One stood up, clad in tight fitting cloth, not unlike a ninja's outfit "The one who stalks the lieing speakers of the truth"

One stood up, clad in a simple red jacket "The one who personifies the truthful lies."

With that, the ten few but of many sat back down. Formalities aside, the discussion began in Ernest.

"Why do we HAVE to do this every time?" The eighth of ten questioned

"I know not, but it is not our position to question" The second of ten answered

The eighth of ten let out an exhausted sigh and slouched in their seat.

The one of ten stood "I shall speak the truthful lies for this meeting." They were acknowledged by the ten few but of many.

"Today, we were struck by vigilante meta-humans. We know not who, why or what set the trap and tracked us back to the class, but we are seekers of lieing truthful and we will seek them out an-"

"Murder them?" The seventh of ten interrupted.

"No, not murder them. Deal with them, silence them. Not murder." The one of ten retorted.

"Phah, weak. If we want them to stop, kill them. Can't get in our way when they're dead." The seventh of ten spluttered.

"But it is not our way. We are not monsters, we have not given the fair people to believe we are monsters, so why give these lieing truthful the opportunity they seek?" The fifth of ten responded

The seventh of ten waved the fifth of ten away, like one might do to a cretin or undesirable wretch.

"The fifth of ten is correct. We will not kill these interlopers. However, it would be wrong if we allowed ourselves to be whipped and beaten constantly." The one of ten said.

"Then we find those responsible and appeal to them?" The third of ten asked.

"Yes, that is a possibility. But, we would preferably like to get our message across .. forcefully." The one of ten responded

"And how do we do that? We all saw their capabilities, even us ten assembled would not cage their wrath" The second of ten said.

The ten few but of many muttered amongst themselves in a flurry.

"This is true, second of ten. No, we need to be more covert and appeal more to the community. Indeed, beyond civilians, but to meta-humans also." The one of ten spoke.

"And how, exactly, do we do this?" The fourth of ten spoke.

"It is simple, fourth of ten. We repair a high-profile individual." The one of ten said.

"Any ideas, one of ten?" The second of ten queried.

The one of ten paused, and gestured to the tenth of ten, who rose.

"We organize an accident for a Mister Darkmane. We are familiar with them, are we not?" The tenth of ten spoke.

The ten few but of many muttered and nodded amongst themselves.

"Mister Darkmane has agreed to this. A car crash has been organized to happen near one of our classes in Founder's Falls. All involved are Darkmane employees. Our members rush out and provide aid to the injured Darkmane employees. Mister Darkman himself will be taking an overdose of drugs to force a heart attack. One of the many few will operate on him, replacing his heart with one of machine, on the spot." The tenth of ten informed, then sat down.

"We will be praised as heroes, saviours." The tenth of ten concluded.

"And if the lieing truthful attempt to intervene?" The ninth of ten asked.

"Then they intervene. They will be reviled as glory hounds, diminishing the works of good honest heroes for their own gain. The citizens will hate them for it." The tenth of ten responded, then shuffled forward on their seat.

"We also have an understanding with those of the Council. In exchange for cybernetics, we foil them attempting to steal from a local bank." The tenth of ten informed.

"Supply our wares to the -Council-?!" The eighth of ten exclaimed.

"Worry not, we shall give unto them rigged and faulty cybernetics. Thus, were this co-operation to come to light, we have clearly shown that our intention was to sabotage all along." The tenth of ten responded, then stood up.

"This meeting is adjourned, our false objective clear. Go forth and wash away the truth." The tenth of ten finished.

The ten few but of many bowed respectfully and proceeded to go their separate ways.

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