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Investigating the Conclave Empty Investigating the Conclave

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((The following will detail what heroes will find, depending on how hard they search and where they search. This relies ENTIRELY on your imagination and what you think your character would do, but these SHOULD cover most responses. If any of you end up in conflict, shame on you :p))

Entering the class (In any of the various areas of the City)

SPECIAL NOTE: If at any point you mention being a meta, member of Liberty Force or investigating on behalf of the PPD, you'll be asked to leave. However, if you mention being a meta but leave it at that, the members of staff will be somewhat happier to answer questions.

The class has been going for about thirty minutes before the scheduled start. People are gathered around several tables, with a suited individual leading each group. They all appear to be sampling new and exciting cybernetics, like a slim-line bionic eye or titanium digits. Though, on a few other tables towards the back, there are the likes of robotic arms, lungs and even a robotic heart!

Light Investigation - Watching for a few minutes/asking about how the classes are run

Upon investigation, the members are simply being taught how a specific upgrade works, how the procedure goes and what benefits it brings. Members are encouraged to touch and feel the cybernetics that could potentially be implanted.

Approaching a member of staff, they are oddly friendly and more than happy to answer basic questions such as "What goes on here?"

Medium Investigation - Testing cybernetics/More in-depth questioning

Approaching the tables, you look at the few members gathered around. Some show signs of healing surgical wounds around the face and hands. Picking up the cybernetic is odd. Although seemingly very complicated and made of superior materials, it is almost weightless and you fear that you may break it in your hand.

The members of staff are all to happy to answer questions, here are some examples:

"Where do you get these cybernetics?" "Why, we produce them ourselves, funded by kind donations!" "Okay, who makes them?" "Ah, see, some of us specalize in the 'installing', others 'maintenance' and the rest do the crafting."

"How many members do you have?" "Oh, about 20 or so. Some don't always attend, but that's fine! We like to keep a relaxed atmosphere."

"Do you have any meta-human members?" "Occasionally we are blessed by the presence of Paragon's Finest." "And what do they do?" "They sample the cybernetics which either aid in the good fight, or help them in their off hours or more civilian duties."

From this, you can decide what a 'normal' question is.

Heavy Investigation - Observing cybernetics/members in detail/In-depth questions

On closer inspection, these cybernetics are utilizing parts more commonly found in military or even proto-type cybernetics! This stuff must be worth a fortune! And the worst part is that it all has small seals of approval as well as engravings of manufacturer, which turn out to be rather obscure.

Speaking with some of the members could go a bit like this:

"So, why did you join?" "Them hoodlums keep hassling me on every street corner! With the Praetorians attacking, most heroes are too busy to help me! So, I came here seeing what they had to offer. I got steel-knuckles and knee-caps now, perfect for fending off thugs!"

"What kind of cybernetic do you have?" "Oh, me? Well, not much really, I just like to observe this stuff. Though, I did decide to have my teeth corrected." "Oh? Can I see?" "Sure! ... They used to be really crooked, but they're perfect now! And barely anyone knows the difference!"

"How was the operation?" "Barely took an hour, if that." "Did they use sedatives?" "Yes but, not too much. I do remember some of it but it didn't hurt."

Asking the Conclave members more in-depth questions could go like this:

"Are you sure this is legal?" "It's all the individual's choice. We're not forcing anyone to get upgraded." "But just about everyone here is." "Well, we wouldn't be much of an organization if we didn't 'sell our wares' so to speak."

"I've heard rumours that you recruit aspiring members into a sort of .. 'techno-cult'" "Oh, really? Where did you hear this?" "Word on the street." "Oh .. don't pay heed to that. We're not 'techno-cultists' .. why do you think they'd make such a thing up?" "Your products are of .. alarmingly good manufacture." "Ah, that explains a lot. No, we're simply good craftsmen who want to give something to the people of Paragon."

"Who exactly donates money to you?" "Why, everyone from the mechanic over there, to members of congress!" ".. Members of congress donate to you? Why?" "Well, that's somewhat of a private matter, but all I'll say is that we did him a big favor!" "You enhanced him?" "No, nothing like that. Like I said, it's private."

Borderline Investigation (Stuff that comes close to turning things hostile) - Checking out the members only areas (Or trying to)/Asking very in-depth questions

Looking around, you notice some doors labeled 'Staff Only' .. you can only guess what's behind there. You sidle up to the door and nudge it open slightly. Inside, you catch a glimpse of a hunched, robed figure in a dimly lit room. You notice a body on a table in-front of the figure. Suddenly, with almost pre-natural speed, it turns around, spotting you. You hastily shut the door and shuffle away from it, hoping no-one else saw you.

More in-depth questions may go like this:

"I've heard from more reliable sources that members of your classes go missing." ".. Reliable sources?" "The police." "Why would they attribute that to us?" "Member of your class?" "Well .. I know for a fact that we have never 'kidnapped' anyone!" "I don't know, the police seem pretty sure of it." "T-they do? Oh .. I see. Hm, well, you have my word that it is false and it shall be looked into!" "Good."

"Why offer cybernetics, especially of THIS quality, to civilians?" "*seems almost shocked* If you had the power to help someone, you would, wouldn't you?" "Well, of course." "Well .. we have the power, and we're helping!" "Yes, but it does seem odd that a bunch of people would jump out of nowhere and offer an amazing, life-changing class." "Same could be said for any good change, you know. You don't have to question every good thing that happens." "It pays to be vigilant." "That it does."

"Staff Only? What goes on in there?" "That's where we store the cybernetics." "Really? Why not bring them all out for people to see?" "We save the best for the more 'senior' members." "Yeah .. I mean, what else goes on in there?" "We do make some cybernetics on-site as well as some operations." "You don't go to a hospital?" "They don't have the correct tools or facilities. But you can be assured that we take all the correct health and safety procedures." "And there are no accidents?" "Well, not with our cybernetics, no. And if there is, we are all to happy to rectify the problem."

Being asked politely to leave - Caught snooping/Outright insulting

If you are caught snooping around near the Staff Only areas, you will be asked to leave unless you can provide a good enough excuse. NOTE, if you asked about the Staff Only areas BEFORE snooping, you'll be asked to leave without question. However, one way to not get thrown out may be to ask to join the classes. The conversation may go like this:

"I was just curious about joining the classes. This all seems very interesting stuff."
"Oh really? Well, I'll be happy to welcome you to our humble classes."
"Yes, but my working hours are quite long."
"Ah, I see. Well, we -are- attempting to schedule midnight classes, I'll let you know about that. What is your name and address?"
*At this point, you may choose to give your proper address or fake something.*
"Excellent. Oh, and try and stop by whenever you can!"
"You .. do other classes?"
"No, but we have our doors open all the time for people to stop by and have a chat about .. well, anything!"
"Thank you."

Questions that may get you thrown out may be like this:

"What do you know of the Forged Conclave?" "The who?" "The Forged Conclave." "*they look around nervously for a moment* I-i'm sorry, i'm not familiar with that name. If you're not here for our classes, i'll have to ask you to leave."

"Who are The False Men?" "I'm sorry?" "Who are The False Men?" "I'm here to answer questions about our classes, sir/madam, if you're not here about our classes, i'm afraid you'll have to leave."

"What was behind the Staff door?" "Please leave sir/madam, those are clearly labeled as Staff Only."

Things that may turn to forceful ejection or possibly aggressive - Going straight for the Staff Only door/being very forceful with staff

Barging straight into the staff door, you are greeted with a very dimly lit room reeking of grease and sweat. The hunched corner spins around to you and shrieks something in what sounds like binary. Two figures from the opposite end of the table advance around, holding weapons, though not pointed at you. Their voices aren't so kind and have somewhat of a metallic edge to them:

"This is staff only. You are not staff. You have to leave."

The guards are hard to make out, but when brought into the light they are quite distinctive. They dress predominately in red and black and all have shaved or bald heads. Their skin seems to have wire running underneath it, like circuitry. They wear many different tactical pouches and there weapons seem to be a re-purposed version of known Crey rifles. (Note, the guards may be of either gender)

Before you are ejected, you take a quick mental note of the room. There are stacks of boxes packed with cybernetics just about everywhere in the room. There also seems to be some files, possibly member rosters? Too late, you are forcefully ejected by the guards.

Forceful questions may go like this:

"We know this whole thing is a scheme set up by the Conclave, start talking." "That's a preposterous thing to say! Who do you think you are coming in here and accusing good people of being .. of being -villains-!" They then summon the same guards, who eject you.

"Hand over the False Man. And I mean, -THE- False Man." "I haven't the slightest what you mean, but you have to go." They summon the guards, who eject you.

Outright conflict

Failure to leave or re-entering results in armed conflict. The suited members swiftly draw a compact laser pistol and are crack shots with it. They also herd their civilian members to safety.
They are rather weak and go down fast, if attacked.

The guards are a different matter. Their rifles fire high powered laser beams that cut through most material. They also deploy the likes of web grenades, caltrops, tasers and targeting drones. They are quite hard to bring down, as their bone seems to be reinforced. However, they aren't invincible.

Should you fight past the guards and re-enter the Staff Room, the shrieking figure from before assaults you using a medical saw, wielding it with almost unnatural strength and speed, probably enough to cleave an arm off a normal human. Attacks against them seem largely inefficient, making a distinctive metal 'ping'. After receiving a few powerful hits, the red robed figure will attempt to deploy an emergency teleport. IF one manages to stop them in time, it's up to you what you do with them.
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