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AERIAL ASSAULT THREAT REPORT: The Forged Conclave/The False Man(Men)

Begin report ...

Recently, Liberty Force agents, during a mission to stop a arsonist meta-human, encountered a re-robed individual severly out of place. Under instruction, it proceeded to go to the nearest police cordon.

Several officers noted that it looked strikingly similar to a small but known villain group.

The individual was placed under arrest, but was alarmingly co-operative and at no point did it try to resist.

Questioning Session Log is still pending at this time of writing.

The individual is believed to be a member of The Forged Conclave and this was later verified.

Specifically, they are one of the mysterious False Men that compromise the leadership of the Conclave.

Who are the False Men?

The False Men began appearing in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles a few months back. Sources point towards the late Doctor Handrick Nimotz, a DATA scientist/technician who had developed a new android.

The details of this android are somewhat underwhelming. It is possessed of a instinctual understanding of technology and has no inherent 'superpower'. However, one thing it is able to do well is replicate itself very well. Not perfectly, but enough to fool any but the smartest scientists and technicians.

It is believed that THE False Man heads the Conclave, but this proves a problem, as finding the actual False Man has left PPD at dead ends since the ordeal began.

Each False Man is different, in that they have different motives, personalities and styles. Some even believe themselves to be the actual False Man. There is little way to tell other than to find and capture every known False Man.

What makes the False Man(Men) of note is their followers. Through psycho-technology, they or it have created ways of subjugating willing or un-willing people to their cause.

Who are The Forged Conclave?

It is believed that the Forged Conclave wish to replace humanity with machine, but not through war , rather, through subjugation, infiltration and subversion. In these somewhat dark times, the Conclave are praying on citizens fears. Many citizens know that, although this is a city of heroes, bad things inevitably happen, and they want to be able to defend themselves when the time comes. The Forged Conclave offers them that.

They have opened several 'Cybernetics Testing Classes' for those interested in enhancing their body (NOTE These classes are illegal, any member hearing or seeing mention of one should investigate and shut down were possible.) New members are given a basic cybernetic, such as a finger, eye or even sex organ and are encouraged to test them out. After a week, they have to return the cybernetic. Full membership is then offered, where the applicant will be given more complex and helpful cybernetics. Those that decline are given their original finger/organ back and repaired. Most, however, accept. It is to be noted that these cybernetics are of amazing quality, enough to rival even military grade cybernetics.

Inevitably, the members become drunk on cybernetic power. Without them realizing, they have become one of the Conclave.

This is for most citizens however. There are several scientists and technicians in recent times that have thrown their lot in with the Conclave. These individuals are to be detained on sight.

In terms of rank, it is somewhat complicated:

At the bottom lie the cultists and fabricators, the muscle and mechanics of the Conclave.
Above them are the psychics, members either trained or cyberntically enhanced to harbor psychic ability.
Then are the Constructs, robots created to defend the Conclave. Whilst not technically leaders, they are almost revered. It is suspected that they are infact cyborgs, powered by a human brain, but this is yet to be verified.
Further above are the Ascendants, psychics of terrible power and foresight. Generally, they are the brains (No pun intended) behind many operations.
However, ultimate decision making is done by the False Men, as described, androids with little in physical capability, but their methods differ wildly, from the utterly complacent to the ruthlessly brutal.
At the pinnacle is THE False Man. Supposedly, they communicate via the False Men. Though their true identity might be a labyrinthine task to uncover, Liberty Force members are advised to engage all False Men as if they were the actual False Man, even if there is more than one present.


All meta humans are advised to engage Conclave cultists with prejudice, as they epitomize the term of a cancer. If not treated, the City will suffer for it.

Report by Captain Harold Simmons aka Aerial Assault.
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