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Post  Tyrannical on Tue Nov 08, 2011 11:26 am

*The following is a neatly handwritten note from Hexecutrix*

Hey there Liberty Force, due to recent and rather confusing events it has come to be that there are now two me's. I don't want anyone to worry, this is a perfectly contained situation and I shall explain to you;

I recently traveled to First Ward to make contact with the Cabal there, more so any family that may have lived through Jack's attack. I discovered what could only be described as me, yes, me. It appears that I had stumbled upon one of the few surviving Cabal, who was by a bizarre twist of fate was my praetorian counterpart, as it turns out, the theory of evil praetorian opposites doesn't apply to me, since the events detailing both our timelines has strangely created very similar circumstances, 'Veliza' as she prefers to be called now stays at the Plaza next door to me, I'm trying my best to help give her the life she wasn't fortunate enough to have.

I wish to address the current issue of us both looking alike, which is being dealt with in a matter where we can be told apart by small subtle differences, but until I get to know myself better there might not be much progress yet, so if you see either of us, PLEASE do not assume an identity yet, ask either of us our sisterhood name (hers being Sorcerette) or of course, wait until another similar looking witch passes by.

Yours Sincerely
Violet Eliza Griffiths, aka Hexecutrix (the first one)

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