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Annamary/Mary Empty Annamary/Mary

Post  Foxienne on Tue Nov 08, 2011 1:52 am

Registered name(s): Venomary, Annamary, Mary

Powers (if any): A Countless number of small, thin almost translucent spines just below her skin which she uses to inject a venom. Her spines can be torn from her body and shot at her enemy. Her venom is slightly conductive as well, affecting robots and other electronic components, on Organics it acts as a powerfull sedative/tranquilizer, an overdose will result in pain, unconsciousness or even death.
Fast regeneration, small wounds heal almost instantly, larger ones take a bit more time.

Other skills: skilled in the use of a Katana and martial arts


Sole survivor of a planecrash, rumours say she is the one who caused it. on the plane were her parents and most of her friends.

Her hands are shaking some times but insists she is ok, maybe it has something to do with her unstable mutation?


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