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Post  Brightwel on Mon Nov 07, 2011 3:22 am

Registered name(s): .net
Powers (if any): Self-described "Data Elemental"; capable of physically entering data streams and networks (most prominently the internet) through visual displays and moving largely freely; ability to "manifest" data into a physical object i.e. a high-powered energy weapon.
Other skills: Natural technopath, fluent in binary, amateur (worryingly so) magician.

-First appeared to the Liberty Force after getting locked into our network.
-Is wild and irrational in combat and she does not seem to fully grasp what it means to be a hero or to fight crime.
-She herself does not really seem to understand what exactly her current nature is, she has a poor understanding of all things technical and is largely ignorant of her own powers.
-Should be surpevised at ALL times in the field and would greatly benefit from tutoring.

((Handbook page:


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