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Post  Tyrannical on Sun Nov 06, 2011 11:12 pm

Registered name(s): Hexecutrix, Hex, Violet, Eliza
Powers (if any): Mastery of curses, spells and hexes
Other skills: Adept alchemist, rookie violinist, excelling at business management

Notes: Under close inspection it can be found that Violet sports several magical charms, most notably her mother's locket and a protective bracelet (a gift from Yessica). On her right arm is a series of Celtic looking purple tattoos bearing the insignia of the Cabal. Its quite clear that her hair and eye colour have changed to purple via magical spells.

Violet appears to be quite jumpy and suffers from a mild paranoia and depression issues as a result of the loss of her family, she however finds the Cabal to be her adoptive family along with some of the Liberty Force members who are close to her.

((Handbook page: Hexecutrix - Union Universe. I'd add the link but for some reason I cant for 7 days Evil or Very Mad ))

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