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Post  Ivana on Mon Oct 31, 2011 3:49 am

A DVD is sent to LF base via snail mail simply labled 'From Megan'

*11/10/21 blinks in the corner of the screen*
*The camera is adjusted to focus on a chair in the middle of a dimly lit warehouse*
*A very sickly looking Megan wearing her black powered armor sits down looking uncomfortable, but pleased*

Megan: "Hey everyone. *smiles* It looks like I'm running out of time and I'm still one componant short for the gateway...."

*A hellion thug and his girlfriend enter the warehouse through a door a few meters behind Megan. She turns . .*

Megan: "What is it?"
Thug: "We got it!" *he holds up a piece of paper*
Megan: *claps her hands togeather* "Both of you? *Thug nods with a smile* Hell yeah! Good for you, Ned. I knew you could do it."

*Megan turns off the camera*


*11/10/22 blinks in the corner of the screen*
*Megan sits alone again looking troubled*

"Sorry guys. It looks like I'm not gona be around for the party"

*She coughs up some blood*

"This could be my last few hours. I'd come home an say goodbye but, can't get around to well and .. well I didn't want to see your sad faces."

*Shifts uncomfortably in her seat*

"I've programmed this suit to carry out the mission in my stead. Once I'm gone it will *cough* It will actively seek your assistance in retrieving a special code from a machine dimension. Andrew knows the details of it's address. The co-ordinates I gave him a while back should be very close to a central mainframe their world uses to store their mathematical proof of the existance of the devine. That code is the key you need to use this gate . . ."

*Megan turns the camera to show a 20ft diameter portal construction, inactive*

"I'm in my warehouse in Kings. The Hellions around here are helping me keep the clockwork from raiding the place for tech. They're just people like anyone else. Give them a chance and they always suprise you."

*Turns the camera back to her chair*

"When this suit shows up in the base be prepared for a shock. My corps will still be in it. Don't freak out and -don't- try to get me out of it. This body will be the powersource for it. The objective from there is simple. Get the code. Get it to the portal and go through it. At that point anything can happen."

"You could be faced with infinite possibilities. The threats you may face could be extremely dangerous tho I doubt you'll be killed. After all, that place exists not within me, it is me. *sighs* Trying to explain now would be a pointless waste of time. At least I hope you all can understand that if that place is me then I still exist even tho this shell is dead."

*Megans nose begins to bleed and she wipes it*

"Damn . . . *her eyes roll back for a moment* . . I've kept so many evils within my realm. You may face some of them or you may just find me or . . . I don't know. Just focus on getting that Lens."

*sniffs and tears up*

"Max . .I'm sorry I didn't have enough time to fix what I did to you."
"Donna, hold on tight. I did my best. This will work out . . Things are funny that way, around me."
"Lance . . Sorry we never got to go horse riding."
"Eliza, Be careful. Your power is no joke. You can easily miss the thin line."
"Andrew. Don't mope about, OK? Remember the sea shell. If I see you tuning quitter on them I'll come back and kick your ass." *laughs and coughs up some more blood*
"Athena, It's OK to be mortal. I just hope you realise Darkness is looking for you. For us. I've seen how powerful he . . has . . .urg, shit it hurts it huurts . ."

*slumps back into the chair and closes her eyes*

in a weak voice, ". . . . you wont fail . . ."

*Megan does not move for 5 minutes, then gets up with a very fast jerk and a snap to turn off the camera*


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