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Post  Thunderar on Fri Oct 28, 2011 6:30 pm

Registered name(s):
Dominic, Erez'Zul, The Mage

Powers (if any):
-His inherited powers that he gained from his father include the ability to drain and convert energy into something he can use him, however this ability is under developed so is not as powerful as his fathers was.

-His other ability's include generating electricity and an ungodly defence against energy as a whole.
-Despite the warnings of his father, long ago he delved into the world of magic, studying summoning magic and the darkest magic the world has to offer.

Other skills:
-Has been known to create Homunculus to do his bidding, clone bodies with the powers of those he based their image on.
-Fire magic seems to be his specialty, using it as a projectile and creating weapons from it such as swords.

-Uses low level demons as slaves.
-Has 3 powerful creations he uses for his most important tasks, the Triplets. Each look identical except for their clothes and color scheme, Destroyer is red, Screecher is green and Reaper is blue.
-Destroyer is virtually indestructible, possessing super strength, Screecher uses sonic screams to disable his foes or in some cases, topple entire buildings. Reaper however is the only Triplet, never to have been seen outside of the Hollow Fortress, Dominic's main base of operations.
-Each Triplet uses their identical forms to blend in with society, though each is capable of revealing a true form, something much more powerful and monstrous.

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