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Known as: The Legion, The Red Legion, The Legion of Woe
Known Leader(s): Scarlet
Known Base(s):The Citadel, a fortress between dimensions. It draws magical power from many dimensions and plane, so if channeling this power, a mage will become many times more powerful. Currently, the only one who knows how to do this is Scarlet. The Citadel appears to be able to change as Scarlet wills it, leading to an ever shifting fortress. This makes it nigh impossible to reach the inner sanctums. The Citadel is accessible through numerous portals, known to those of the Master/Mistress rank or above. It is linked to numerous dimensions.
Known combatants: Slaves, Masters/Mistresses, Death Guard, Demons, Magic Beasts, Artificial Constructs
Slaves are identifiable by their uniform red, black trimmed robes and hoods, which are often in poor condition. They are often malnourished and scarred.
Masters and Mistresses wear robes with inverted colours, black with red trim. Their robes are usually in better condition, as are those wearing them. They wear masks which hide the lower half of their faces.
Death Guard wear similar robes, this time black with grey trim. Their skin is pale and dessicated, similar to a corpse. Their faces are often hidden via eye wraps and masks.
Demons have an unlimited variety of appearences, so attempting to list them is useless.
Magic Beasts are similarily varied, but are often offshoots of common beasts, such as the Bloodhounds.
Artifical Constructs, again, can look like anything. Stone Golems are common.
Nearly all human or humanoid mortals in the Legion will have an eye insignia, either on their uniform or as a tattoo on their body.
Command Structure:
Slaves are used en mass as foot troops and meat shields. They are unskilled and pose little threat, but their fanatic loyalty makes them somewhat more difficult to kill than one would expect. They wield low quality weapons of varying types; most of them melee weapons, although some are given bows.
The more trustworthy slaves are promoted to the rank of Master or Mistress, and form a cult of sorts. They are excused from menial tasks, and must instead command the Slaves, driving them into battle and punishing them where appropriate. They are more skilled at combat, and wield higher quality weapons.
The Death Guard worship Scarlet and are completely loyal. They fill the roles of commanders and shock troops, and wield a variety of powers. The majority are reasonably strong mages, demonically enhanced, although it has been noted for particularily skilled swordsmen or other weapon users to have this rank. The higher ranked Death Guard answer to Scarlet directly.
Demons are usually deployed seperately to other Legion troops, apart from some less intelligent ones such as Chaos Beasts. Their huge variety makes them useful as shock troops, and also make powerful psychological weapons. However, they must be summoned or else be released by opening a gateway to the underworld- gateways which can be destroyed. They range from pathetically weak to powerful enough to endanger whole nations, although the more powerful a demon, the more difficult it is to summon.
Magical Beasts are, again, used as shock troops. They are often used for difficult physical labour which requires pure strength, or as living battering rams. They can also be found guarding important areas of the Citadel.
Artificial Constructs are used as guards, or to spearhead attacks, due to them being extremely resilient.
Known Motive(s): The exact motive of The Legion is unknown, but one can assume it is for Scarlet's personal power and amusement.
Notes:All mortal humanoid entities in The Legion encountered so far appear to have a "suicide spell" attached to them. This triggers whenever they are defeated, surrender, or when they flee from battle, leading to it being impossible to take prisoners and thus difficult to find out much information about the inner workings of The Legion.
The exact forming date of The Legion is unknown. However, it can be presumed it is an ancient cult, for their are offhand records of them going back to before Ancient Rome.
It was recently discovered that Scarlet makes use of at least one shapeshifter, this one in particular being known as Everchange. She was detained by Liberty Force, but managed to escape. It is reccomended that Liberty Force be on the watch for suspicious behaviour as such.

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