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Harold Simmons aka Aerial Assault Threat Report: The House of Dread

I have compiled the following list through personal investigation and collaboration with MAGI and the Midnight Squad. Only high security clearance members should view this file.

Firstly, it should be noted that The House of Dread is headed by a nefarious individual known only as Eternal Dread. What we, the PPD and FBSA have on this individual is minute at best, but there exists no known images of this individual. What we do know is that they are extremely powerful, both commanding lesser demons and in personal power. Eternal Dread is thought to be responsible for the deaths of more than a few heroes, as well as commanding the likes of the Felsmith and the Daemoncade. If and when we get an image on their profile, members are HIGHLY advised to NOT engage alone. They have proven to be more than a match for any single meta-human in single combat.

The Felsmith is known to be Eternal Dread's right hand man and armorer and weapon-smith. However, the Felsmith is also a ferocious combatant, and skirmishes in the field prove this. They have an innate mastery over the flames they use to forge weapons and armor and is more than willing to use these same flames to scorch its foes. In addition, the hammer it carries is used both for forging and fighting and is exceptional in both fields. The Felsmith, whilst loyal to its master, is known to act of its own accord. So far, the damage has been minimal. The Felsmith has also been shown to be an adept summoner, for this reason the Felsmith is PRIORITY ONE during a fight.

The Daemoncade is Eternal Dread's shock trooper, weapon of terror, ace in the hole, whatever you will. Forged by the Felsmith and bound by Eternal Dread himself, the Daemoncade is an indestructible mountain of rage. Having only shown up once in history, its warpath was bloody and spectacular. Physical, dimensional, energy and psionic attacks are shown to have no effect on the Daemoncade, whilst even the strongest magic barely effects it. Whilst it is a deadly close-combatant, its true power comes from its ability to incite and control its foes anger and rage, essentially forcing them to attack it. [EDIT] The Daemoncade does, however, seem vulnerable to teleportation, as shown by our own members (Liberty Force). However, this seems to separate the 'pilot' from the armor.

In addition to these 'big three' the House of Dread consists of lesser servants, whilst all deadly in their own right, are not notable or powerful enough to be given notice, or even a proper name. It is likely that any large scale conflict with the House of Dread will involve not only the big three (Or two) but also many lesser minions.

Finally, it is to be noted that Eternal Dread is more likely to engage in psychological warfare, rather than outright combat. So far, there has been precious little that can stop its random appearances. Though, previous history has shown that, whilst entirely possible, assassination is not its preferred approach. Members are advised to keep their wits about them and to scrutinize any unusual happenings with a clear and logical head.

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