The Binding of the Daemon

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The Binding of the Daemon Empty The Binding of the Daemon

Post  Aerial Assault on Thu Oct 27, 2011 7:36 am

The spirit that occupied the Daemoncade observed its surroundings. Yes, it was outside the armour, free from its bindings. But now where? Now what?

The rage it was forged in, to use as a weapon, was not as prevalent here. It .. could almost think rationally. Almost. Its every thought .. geared towards destruction. Destruction of .. him.

These heroes had beaten him, a slight it could not let pass, but it new when to bow to superiors. No, it would have to talk a-

This is stupid! It thought in a raged flash. I do not TALK! When I talk, they LISTEN, or beg for more!

They would not listen anyway. What did they know of its suffering? NOTHING!

No, it knew. Knew of their anger. They would all sweep away villainy in one swoop, if they yet had the chance. Or the courage. Or the ANGER.

It could show them the possibilities. But first, it would have to decide what to do about these bindings. It could not manifest its abilities in any meaningful sense, how was it to control this heroes?

Whispers, it thought. As much as it was ... -his- method of having their will done, it would work. Eventually.

It began channeling, focusing, storing its energy until it could get that one moment. That one moment when they were weakest to their temptations.

And, who knows? Maybe over-exerting itself might just end its miserable existence? Doubtful, it thought.

It relaxed in its bindings, and began thinking of its plan.

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