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Post  Echo 13 on Thu Oct 27, 2011 5:56 am

Registered name(s): Scarlet, Harbinger of Woe, Mistress of Woe
Powers (if any): Passable mage, skilled summoner. Extremely powerful magical conduit. Capable of telepathic communication and can assume direct control of minions via possession. Capable of psychic assault, but is left vulnerable while doing so and must be in physical contact.
Other skills: Heightened physical attributes due to bound demons, although she is unskilled at close combat. Extremely intelligent.
Notes: Leads the cult known as "The Legion". Was formerly a slave, but took control via killing the former leader- circumstances are unclear, but it is confirmed that three heroes, one of them Megan, were involved. She is incapable of lying, likely due to a curse imprinted on her from her life as a slave.
Although her magic skills are only mediocre by themselves, her ability to channel vasts amount of power (not necessarilly her own) and having several demons of varying levels of power bound to her body means that enhanced as such, she is a very serious threat.
Despite this, she shuns direct combat, instead prefering to work through others, whether covertly or overtly.

((Handbook page: None yet))
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