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Post  oreso on Sat Sep 01, 2012 4:40 am

If reading this then I am dead. Sorry.

Praetorian freedom imminent. Hope it goes well. Wish I could see it.

personal msgs/post-death patronising:
Foster. You are a terrible person. But good scientist. Adequate lover. I love you. Difficult mission: Find someone better than me.

Marie. Jealous of you. Also admire. Expressive. Empathetic. Attractive. Hope you have quality of love in addition to quantity.

Simmons. Enjoy your company. Also confession: enjoy shot made against Pseudonym at the lake: 140m range. 12m/s crosswind. Target dodging. Used smoke and own suppressive fire to line up. Took shot while target was airborne. Actually hit him. Beautiful. Watched recording many times. Sidenote: Recommend get laid.

Sam. 01011001011011110111010100100000011000010111001001100101001000000110000101101101

Kate. Have borrowed liquiform americium-241 power cells for concussive explosives. High-yield minimum range for cracking hardened targets with minimal collateral damage. Hope you don't mind. Intend to blow up something golden.

Dennis. Magnificent shoulders. Live for yourself.

Tanis & Luciana. You complement each other. Challenge each other. Become better. Don't let past/origins limit your future/freedom. Enjoyed your cooking.

Athena. Doing more useful than watching. They need you.

Megan. Power doesn't imply responsibility. Responsibility nice however. Also personal power not your only feature. You are good if frustrating friend.

Ranger. The LF are an asset. Use them to save Praetorians.


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