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Post  Talenemrys on Wed Aug 22, 2012 5:21 am

Registered name(s): Kartell Du'Voir
Powers (if any): Vampiric control over life energies, can heal self & allies. Aside from vampirism, abilities are purely natural.
Other skills: Expert at handguns & most light firearms. Very skilled with technology & machinery, can be utilised to seize intelligence.

While seemingly reckless and clumsy in the way he can deal with a scenario, Kartell can also offer wisdom in some situations. Very protective of his revolvers, he dislikes people handling them. Kartell can lack focus, often phasing out of a conversation to think.
Has a wide and varied background, has been on both sides of the law in his lifetime, but this does not grant any pity to those he faces.


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