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The Scepter + Containment Measures Empty The Scepter + Containment Measures

Post  Aerial Assault on Mon Aug 20, 2012 6:57 am

A message from Harold Simmons

I am putting forward these containment measures, despite not being a leader, to be reviewed and confirmed by a leader at some point.

In our past, we've come across some strange and powerful things. Indeed, some of our members are essentially walking armies. But so far, any object in our possession, I feel, doesn't come close to the importance of the King's Scepter.

To clarify, from various sources, this Scepter is -the- personal symbol, tool and weapon of the King. If the stories are true, it contains the collected essences of several dead gods, and has the ability to siphon power directly from a god or god-like being. Of course, none of us would be able to wield it, due to it's immense size, weight and generally not knowing how it works, but reverse-engineering could find some interesting things.

Due to the nature of the Scepter, I believe it best that we keep it under our watch, rather than say MAGI, PPD or even Vanguard. Here is where the security and containment measures come in.

Per Sol's suggestion, we are to store it in a box made from neutronium. To back this up, the inside and outside of the box are to be sheathed with phasic shields. So, in the case that the box ever does somehow (and shouldn't) get stolen, they'll probably need several nukes to open it.

Now, for the security side. Considering the nature of this device, I suggest a list of people cleared to actually handle the device for transport and technology means. That list can be decided later. As for who can access it from it's chamber, I suggest that each leader be given possession of a key card, and the chamber requires at least two to open as well as a eye and fingerprint scan, as well as a damn good reason to be taking it out in the first place.

This all might seem a bit extreme, but we can't cut any corners when it comes to storing the weapon of a god-killing superbeing.

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