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Akai Ryuu (Red Dragon) Empty Akai Ryuu (Red Dragon)

Post  Tyrannical on Sat Aug 04, 2012 8:01 pm

Registered name(s) Akai Ryuu, Red Dragon, no known real name
Powers (if any): No metahuman powers, compensates with tactful use of incidary ordinance, throwing weapons and ninjitsu style martial arts. Relies solely on her own abilities and training to preform at metahuman level.
Other skills: Stealth training, advanced parkour, simple alchemy, espionage skills

Notes: Akai Ryuu is a name shrouded in myth and legend in Japan often speaking of a young red-clad kunoichi dispensing justice on the evil and protecting the weak and innocent. Has been linked to the fall of several crime syndicates over Asia, with little trace or evidence of her involvement. Is a 'rookie' in Paragon City, though is adapting well to the culture, and mostly investigates Tsoo activity

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