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Post  Thunderar on Sat Oct 15, 2011 3:22 am

Registered name(s): Andrew Scott - Better known as The Thunderer

Powers (if any):
-Electrical generation: He's able to convert various forms of energy into electrical energy, firing lightning as a ranged attack or using it for melee fighting. Covering his body in electricity he can not only electrocute enemies surrounding him, but each of his attacks have a taser effect to them.
-Enhanced abilities: Stronger than average humans, able to run at speeds close to 80mph, ability to fly and jump incredibly high.
-Beam eyes: Fires beams of heat from his eyes with temperatures ranging from 3000-5000 degrees.
-Has the ability to sense different kinds of energy, often feeling when a Kheldian is close before even seeing them (Has been known on occasion to develop this sense further but more practice is needed).
-Energy defence: Able to withstand massive amounts of energy, creating shields around himself strong enough to stop bullets (depending on how many are being fired at him at once)
-Energy absorption: Can absorb various forms of energy and even weaken his foes as he fights them, empowering himself as a fight draws on.

Other skills:
Mildly trained in various combat skills. An established Geneticist and roboticist, including computer programming.

A clone of Adam Moore, he was created to be an empty shell to transfer Adams mind into, effectively giving him super powers. After the experiment was halted by a combination of Longbow and the hero Archer, he gained a mind of his own, earning a life of his own.
After years as a hero (and a lot of other complications) he joined Liberty Force to make a difference in the world. He's taken a job at Portal Corps as a field specialist, studying new forms of life in newly discovered dimensions.

((Handbook page: - Seriously needs updating, even the picture ))

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