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Iron's Sword Analysis Empty Iron's Sword Analysis

Post  Brightwel on Thu May 03, 2012 9:29 am

*A report regarding Iron's sword, which was thrown as a distraction while making her escape*

While testing Interrogator Iron's weapon for any useful traces or information, we have come to the conclusion that it is no ordinary blade, unlike the knives she also uses.

For starters, the blade possesses a blue hue, a direct result of the metal from which it is forged; Adamantium, an extremely rare material believed to have various interesting properties. Though not quite as durable as Impervium, it is not far off, and is thought to be capable of interacting with otherwise supernatural forces or less tangible substances (i.e. ghosts, energy) without prior enchantment.

What is perhaps more interesting however, than the blade itself, is how well maintained it is. Results indicate that the sword is cleaned and sharpened perhaps several times a day. This care goes beyond professional, and suggests that Iron genuinely cares for the sword and likely only threw it because she felt she had little choice.

Other than that, the blade is full of DNA and fingerprint samples, which may be useful in some regard.


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