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Post  Aerial Assault on Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:49 am

At an unsidclosed location, somewhere in the Isles

The False Man designated "Two" sat hunched at his seat at the Unspoken Table. Two was a mountain of a machine, having been blessed with a frame of one of the legendary god-machine Commanders. His seat was at the head of the table.

The room was barely even lit, the only light coming from his own eyes and two red lights at the back of the room.

The holo-display infront of him flickered into life, showing the hologram of his subordinate, "Four".

Four was clad in what could only be described as Ninja-wear and had a much more refined frame.

Four bowed, then spoke without hesitation "The Unfaithful have escaped with Ten, my lord. They have also taken Seven and dismantled several god-machines."

Two growled like an enraged beast and slammed his fists into the table, almost flipping it. "You have failed me, Four! And you have failed the King!" He pointed accusingly at the display of Four.

Four bowed and spoke un-phased "The god-machines were not strong enough to defeat them yet. Seven proved to be a challenge, but not enough, it seems."

Two stood up and leaned towards the hologram. "You solve this, Four, or it's your head on a plate! Failure will NOT be tolerated! Not at this crucial point!"

Four, still un-phased, leaned forward slightly "Without the extra support from the King, we will not win."

Two swatted at the hologram, causing it to flicker slightly. Four mockingly dusted his elbow, and probably smirked.

Two sat down in brooding for a few silent moments, then spoke again. "You will have your support, Four. But I order you to have Ten dead, one way or another."

Four folded his arms. "Entry to the Unfaithful base will be impossible."

Two bolted up, bringing his armoured face right up to the hologram "I don't CARE. Just DO IT!"

Four gave a brief salute "So the King commands, so shall it be done." The hologram flickered off.

Two relaxed back into his chair, glaring at the opposing wall.

"Your anger does us no credit, Four." A voice called from behind Four. Four looked over his left shoulder, then his right, to see his other subordinate, "Three" stood there. Three was clad in a typical False Man robe, with the addition of some tactical pouches and two pistols.

"Silence Three! You should not be eavesdropping!"

Three looked down at his seated 'master'. Three possessed a tall frame, taller than most False Men. "We should not be keeping secrets."

Two huffed and returned to looking at the opposite wall. Three casually strode over and sat on the table next to Two. "I'll be frank. You're not leading us very well."

Two looked up instantly. "How .. DARE! That thought is heresy!"

Three gave a chilling, mocking laughter "Please, Two, don't embarrass yourself anymore."

Two stood up, ready to strike Three. "Recant!"

Three looked Two dead in the eyes "Do I need to explain the situation to One? Hm?"

Two lowered his stance.

"Explain how several god-machines have been desecrated? How our progenitor was rescued?"

Two sat down as Three loomed over him.

"How yet your refuse to take responsibility for your actions? You drop the blame on other, more capable brothers?"

Two started to lean back from the ever closing-in Three

"How you throw your weight around, yet have never even raised a fist against an enemy?"

Two coughed nervously "N-no .. One doesn't .. " He looked back to Three, who didn't look convinced "I'll get it done!"

Three still didn't seem convinced "-You- .. will get it done?"

Two nodded quickly "Yes! Yes! I'll get it done!"

Three persisted "No no .. -You- .. will get it done."

Two nodded even faster "I'll get it done! Just don't tell One!"

Three chuckled darkly "We'll see. For now, you just concern yourself with the next phase."

Three stood up and walked around the table, sitting in the other chair to face Two.

Two didn't quite seem to be following "T-the next phase?"

Three opened his arms in a wide gesture "The King demands human followers."

Two thought to himself briefly, the smacked a fist on the table and stood up "Then it shall be done!"

Three nodded gently "Glory to the King."

Two responded in kind "Glory to the King!" Two then left the chambers, leaving Three all alone.

Three chuckled to himself, and pulled up one of his sleeves, where a communicator was hidden. A voice from the other end comes through, a voice much deeper and sinister than any other False Man's.

"Is Two behaving himself?"

Three sighed "Barely, my lord. I have him under control. The next phase is beginning."

"Good. Excellent. I am close to a piece. I know it. Have you found the cradle?"

Three relaxed back in his chair and sighed again "No, my lord. The Circle still retain the cradle, we've no idea where they're keeping it. We are still raiding as many lairs as we can."

"Excellent work Two. You will find the cradle eventually. It is destiny."

Three nodded, though not quite convinced by the whole 'destiny' idea "It is as you say, my lord."

"When you have found the cradle, Two must be the one to transport it. Only he possesses the strength, unfortunatley."

Three gave another sigh, more annoyed than anything else "And if he-"

"He won't, Three. He won't."

Three decided it best not to argue. "And what about Eight?"

"Eight shall be decided. An ultimatum must be reached. They will stay loyal."

Three nodded "And Six?"

"Six believes he is onto several plates. He will keep me posted. Our time is at hand, Three. Show your worth for when judgement day comes."

Three nodded again, though with some disbelief in it "I'll be worthy."

"Those are the words I like to hear. Glory to the King."

Three gave a half salute "Glory to the King."

Three switched off the communicator and slouched in his chair. Things where easier when they weren't trying to summon a demigod ...
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