Noble Knight's Findings - The Lost Gladiator (aka Shut that robot up)

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Noble Knight's Findings - The Lost Gladiator (aka Shut that robot up) Empty Noble Knight's Findings - The Lost Gladiator (aka Shut that robot up)

Post  Aerial Assault on Wed Mar 28, 2012 9:35 am

Designation - GLD-018#1A (This, apparently means Gladiator 18, Group 1A)
Creator - FM (See attached video)

Tech-Specifics - The alloys it is made out of are unlike anything ever seen, and beyond the ability of any meta-human to craft. They are lightweight and extremely durable.

Organic Specifics - The heart and brain clearly power the robot and give it cognitive abilities, however, both are wired up to high degrees. Interestingly, the organs are completely synthetic.

Sword and Shield - The Sword and Shield are of interesting design. Each uses arrays of kinetic dampeners and buffers to speed up the swing of the sword, or absorb more damage. They are made of the same material as the rest of the machine.

Video File #1

The video starts playing, but shows only a blank screen. Voice can be heard.

[#2] Is it on?
[#1] Yes, but i'm not getting vision yet.
[#2] Hm, try plugging this ... into ... here ...

The video bursts into life. It shows an office complex, with bits of metal strewn around the place. In-front of the camera are two figures. One is wearing a black overallsuit, with red claw emblems and wearing a black mask. Their arms are large mechanical deals. The other is clad completely in red: A red baggy jacket, red baggy trousers and a hood concealing a set of green goggles and a mask. Clearly, these are members of the Forged Conclave!

[#1 - The one in all red] Finally .. a God-Machine .. here!
[#2 - The other one] This .. this is the first step in re-imagining the world!
[#1] Surely, the King will be pleased, surely, He is smiling down upon us!

They both look off-screen as someone else talks to them, inaudibly

[#1] To evacuate? But we have barely awoken the God-Machine!
[#2] There's no time, in moments the Unfaithful will be upon us!
[#1] The God-Machine, it-!
[#2] It barely knows how to swing it's sword yet, quickly! We need to pack things up here!
[#1] But-! Fine! All right, just un-plug it and we ca-

The video stops there.

Video File #2 - Objective Designator 'Ten'

The Video begins the same as the other one, except with some panicked, metallic breathing. The camera shakes as the one tampering with the robot pulls back. Barely anything can be seen of them, save two green, robotic eyes. There is very little light in the room, the figure being little more than a silhouette.

[???] HELLO? Hell-hello? Is this on, I think it's on.

They glance over their shoulder nervously

[???] Good. If you're watching this, then you got the machine. There's no time to explain!

A few bangs can be heard off-screen

[???] What you see is what they're trying to achieve, but this is only the beginning! I don't know how they're building or supplying these things, the Darkmane haven't given them a delivery in weeks!

The bangs intensify, and shouting can be heard

[???] Look, I think they're close. They're building an army! These things, on their own, they're nothing, but united! Heavens ... I don't want to-

A panicked female voice can be heard, before being cut short by two laser blasts.

[???] T-they've found me! I need to leave, who I am doesn't matter, but you have to stop them! I've attached co-ordinates bu-

Several heavy bangs can be heard, and something shakes in the corner, likely a door. The figure panics and knocks somethings over, picking up what looks like a laser pistol.

[???] I only hope this gets to where it needs to go ..

The figure looks right into the camera, their robotic face being instantly recognizable as any of the False Men

[???] They have your friend, I have no more answers, or questions.

Then sighs, as the door starts to give way.

[???] Gods be with you.

Then the camera tilts back sharply, and several crashing noises are head, followed by a thud. The camera is burried under what looks like a mound of trash.

Several laser-shots are heard, as well angered shouting. A truck's engine is heard nearby, driving away, the camera obviously in the truck. After a few moments, the feed goes dead.

- The co-ordinates lead to an old, abandoned shipping warehouse along the coast of the Rogue Isles. Clearly, the Forged Conclave are very hard at work in the Isles. Doing what, is for the Liberty Force to find out.

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