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OOC Plot update thread!  Empty OOC Plot update thread!

Post  oreso on Wed Mar 28, 2012 2:29 am

OOC Background knowledge: Use at your own peril!

So (@Brighwel's) File wanted to steal some power, so he saved (@oreso's)Lucius Macbain from jail (where he was since his failed Triple-Strength Enriche Crey Cola plot) and requested he kidnap (@Venomary's)Venomary. He did so, turning Mary's own mind-altering venom against her.

This hostage allowed him to get Alphaea and the Liberty Force to do some nasty things for him, granting him lots of power, and breaking some laws in the process. This led to the Liberty Force being convicted of vigilantism, and the group has recently lost some members because of it.

Because of the whole Mot and Talons of Vengeance thing, the Knives of Artemis are being corrupted by thoughts of vengeance and turned into monsters. Because of this, Alphaea cannot directly pursue revenge for fear of becoming (even more) monsterfied. And she promised Mary. So, in return for favours and aid, she enlisted some of her beleaguered ex-sisters to do her revenge for her, namely (@Alaenia's) Larisa Akantha and butcher Lucius dead.

Regarding (@Pearsh's) Frank and (@Brightwel's) new eye-patched loyalist, you might be better off asking them.

This news is brought to you by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OY9eTihrKM0&ob


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