Major Tanis Vajara

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Major Tanis Vajara

Post  Ivana on Wed Oct 12, 2011 7:53 am

Registered name(s):
Major Tanis Vajara

Powers (if any):
Non-Meta. Uses the CC-9 Beam Rifle capable of many useful settings to combat almost any threat. Uses time dialation tech for added battlefield control. Also possesses very advanced teleportation device alowing long range travel. All equipment is unique as it's all from year 2032.

Other skills:
Highly trained in anti-meta hand to hand combat using any advantage against her enemies without hesitation. Strong knowledge of explosives. Average piloting skill. Military drill instructor. Platoon leader. Warzone survival training.

The Major was born in Brazil on 2007. A great interstellar war broke out in 2011. Trained as an Earth Defence Force soldier, a military initiative begun by Liberty Force, from the age of 13. 2030, achieved rank of Major. Earth was losing the war. 2032, Tanis is sent back in time to avert the war before it bigins. Mission is successful, erasing her timeline completely. Is now stranded in the present.

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